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  1. michigan concealed carry question

    hey guys,
    my question I am starting to find its kinda difficult but I figured I would get your take on it. so three years ago I got my cpl in michigan but last year moved to Ohio and got my license their putting that aside I also kept my michigan license and consequently moving back to michigan this next month. once my residency is fulfilled again is my michigan cpl then reactivated sence it still has two years on it.

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    I don't see your question. In most cases though(States) you have to keep your address updated if you move around. I'd be sure your latest address on file is correct. Since you are back in MI make sure your MI drivers license is correct, address & all.

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    Don't rely on Forum Information when dealing with the law.

    There are so many variables not addressed in your OP to really provide an adequate answer. You really need to contact the State of Michigan to get the facts you need. You don't want to rely on answers from internet forums as gospel and end up with a problem you can't defend as ignorance of the law is no defense in any court. I would contact the agency that issued the CHL for Michigan and ask them.
    IMO you will need to apply again, but you may be able to get by with a renewal since you first has not expired, anyway you look at it you need to call the issuing authority as they are the authority on the subject.
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