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    After many months spent patiently trying to get my wife to take up shooting and get her permit....SUCCESS! We have occasionally gone skeet and pistol shooting with friends and she was usually timid about participating. The last time out I packed the 22 rifle and she LOVED shooting it! Then, while at the gun show this past weekend (we sell t-shirts and decals at the local gun shows for spending cash) I see her "fondling" a pink Walther P22. She said she liked it, so I went and picked it up! She is scheduled for the CCW class in a few weeks and can't wait to go to the range to shoot her P22! See, it can just have to be patient!

    Next will be the task of finding her the proper carry pistol, but first things first!
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  3. My wife was the same way. Her father was retired army and a very avid hunter. After years of pushing back, she finally agreed to let me teach her how to shoot and after being trapped on Ft. Hood during the shooting and after the Newtown tragedy, she finally agreed to get her CHL. It's a long work in progress but we are making baby steps. Congrats and future good luck to you and yours.

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    This is great news! How great of you to be so patient and supportive of your wife! Kudos to you both!

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