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  1. Fanny pack carry

    Anyone carry in a fanny pack? I never thought I would want to wear one, but in the hot summer it seems like a good idea. There are a few CC fanny packs on the market. Have any of you had any experience with them?

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    Carry a cocked and locked 45 and two mags winter and summer, shorts, flip flops, t-shirt with cover shirt no sweat.

  4. Nope. I am a straight male under 30 who plans on having sex again in my life. As practical as they may be, they are beyond ugly.

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    My wife loves how her new glock 26 fits in her little fanny pack while riding her bike.
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    I have in the past. I use it about 10% or less in my EDC. But, if it's 99 degrees out and I'm in shorts and a t-shirt, it can work. I'd recommend one with an internal holster rather than nylon straps. I've had both and the internal holster one was the best.

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    I did before, I used a maxpedition fatboy. Then I started open carrying, which really helped with comfort in the heat. Seeing as you're in Texas, try out the maxpedition bags.

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    I'd use a fanny pack in a setting where it may be more the norm, like out on a hiking trail. I don't like bringing attention to where valuables may be, a thief would want the pack 1st.

    I'd much rather have the gun concealed, on my person. That said no one method covers every circumstance. One needs to have various options available.

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    I would never use a fanny pack except as a trail accessory, sometimes when I cannot carry because of an activity I may be doing that doesn't allow for proper concealment I will use a small back pack as a man purse and keep the gun in the pack, however I prefer to have the weapon on my person

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    I have carried a full size handgun in a fanny pack, I felt ridiculous, to tell the truth. Now I have a mini pistol and carry in a pocket holster. Sort of the other extreme, I guess. Also, I'd say that drawing the mini out of a pocket holster is actually a lot faster than drawing a full size of a fanny pack. The classic trade off decision: power vs conceal-ability.

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    I often carry in a fanny pack and it suits my computer programmer, geek persona, but not one that is black leather and screams gun checkout the ones I have used for years:
    Concealed Weapon Fanny Packs
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