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Thread: How much gun do you need for conceal carry?

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    To cluznar, the original poster: who in the world cares what part of town you live? Crime happens anywhere and everywhere. The "amount" of gun (specifically what caliber one chooses) someone carries should have absolutely no bearing on what part of town a person is in.

    Also, I echo dogshawred, you aren't baiting us into another "is .380 enough gun" debate. You think it is, others don't. Class dismissed.

    Since you asked, I carry .40 caliber in either a G23 or G22 Glock... I also live about 15 minutes from the city of Pittsburgh. Sometime it rains, flowers smell pretty, and the sky is blue. None of those things have any influence on why I purchased those firearms either.
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    Would somebody please wake me when this thread dies... Thanks.

    I used to be a government-educated stooge. By the grace of God, I repent. -Robert Burris

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    Ya boy was thinking the same thing SR40c.
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    If you want to bet your life on a 380 and a rather poor quality one at that, please be my guest but please be sure that you don't tell anyone that I encouraged this kind of foolishness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apvbguy View Post
    I carry the biggest caliber with the most capacity that I can, bigger is always better
    I would change the above reply's "biggest caliber" term with "most lethality" or put in more politically and legally correct terms---"most stopping power". I make this change since I carry an FN5.7X28, which IMO provides all of the above, extreme capacity (20+1),lighter weight, excellent accuracy and a lower recoil than its bigger caliber brothers.

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    I carry a G26 +1 with an extra 15 round magazine - and sometimes with a .380 in an ankle holster for back-up. But I feel safe not because I carry those things but because I am alert and aware and know how to use them to accomplish the mission.
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    How much gun do you need for conceal carry?

    Don't know how much I need, but I know how much I will be carrying.

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    The most powerful one which you can shoot well and reasonably conceal.
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