Full-size 1911 IWB... wow!
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Thread: Full-size 1911 IWB... wow!

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    Full-size 1911 IWB... wow!

    Since both of my XDs's had to make a trip back to the Armory, I decided to carry my Springfield Mil-Spec 1911 today in a Don Hume IWB leather holster.

    Several observations:

    1. Wow... this thing is heavier than what I normally carry.
    2. Wow... it's not nearly as heavy as I thought it would be tucked in there.
    3. Wow... it's actually quite comfortable, and that full size grip doesn't print at all.
    4. Wow... there's like no lint on this thing.
    5. Wow... I could get used to this.

    Okay, that last one... maybe not so much. But, the slim form factor definitely helps, and it was a lot more manageable and comfortable that I thought it would be. 4+ hours behind the wheel and several more walking around... no problem. Can't explain the lack of lint, and it has been recently cleaned and well-oiled. Just didn't seem to pick it up as easily as my XDm/s.
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    I generally carry my Ruger SR1911. I guess the observations you made are really true.
    You can get used to it and the best thing is you have some sweet fire power.
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    Full-size 1911 IWB... wow!

    My nightly walking rig is a full size SIG 1911 IWB conceals very well with an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt. Can also fit a dual mag pouch on the left with no issues. It may be a little heavier than my normal carry but not terrible. The crossbreed gunbelt is a god send.
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    I carry a Kimber but I always carry in a pancake holster.
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    I carry my RIA 38super 1911 all the time in a DeSantis 106 85 IWB with 2 mags. It is comfortable for me in S. Fla.
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    I've been carrying a full-size, steel framed 1911 for over 31 years so its no biggie.

    I don't carry one much anymore, 4 or 5 times a year, since I bought a Glock 23 .40S&W.

    A full-size, steel framed 1911 is fairly easy to conceal compared to a full size Glock or any of the chunky double stack pistols.

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    From my experience it is the plastic frames that attract more lint then the metal frames. I'm not a scientist so I have no explanation as to why.

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    It is nice to hear of your experience. This will help some to understand why the 1911 has been so popular for so long and is now available from so many companies. It is a true classic and will forever by my favorite EDC. (currently Taurus 1911 in 38 Super)
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  10. I carry a full sized 1911...IWB... at 6 o'clock. At this point I barely notice it is there, and wear it with most clothes without any problems.

  11. I have a Tokarev TT3, same dimensions as a Colt Commander. I dont legally carry, but while waiting I have tried it within my home and it fits better than the Sig P226/229

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