There are advocates who say that their hammer pistol is superior to a striker fire pistol because of its trigger technology. Striker fire pistol advocates state the same claim about their pistol vs hammer pistols. I believe that neither argument has merit. I do subscribe to the claim that a striker fire pistol is easier to conceal than one with a hammer.

During the summer, I carry a striker fire Glock 27 in a Nemesis holster located in my front pants pocket.

In winter, I carry a hammer FNX40. With its hammer cocked and locked, I cannot carry it in a pocket without it printing. Instead, i holster it in a Fobus GLT belt holster under my jacket.

Both types of pistols have attributes that make them excellent carry weapons. With quality pistols, well-maintained, reliable and in my hands, each provides me with a protector to stop the threat of lethal attack. Thus, I carry both types depending on the time of year.