How long does it take for Florida non resident CCW
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Thread: How long does it take for Florida non resident CCW

  1. How long does it take for Florida non resident CCW

    Hi Folks,

    Planning on moving down to FL from NY and applied for my non resident ccw beginning of June. It just came up around the 90 day mark. Was wondering if anyone else was having the same waiting period time as me? The status update on the website just has said the same "We have received your application.....etc" for the last few months.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  3. like most State's , Florida have seen a Big increase on CCW Applications. If you are getting close to the 90 day mark, i would just call them. they are very helpful. as a family, we applied for a total of 7 ccw's. average was 11-12 weeks. my wife got hers in 3 weeks.

  4. Mine took 90 days exactly. Keep checking on their website

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    It took close to the 90 day mark from when they cashed my check. I had heard that FL has had a lot of applications as other states too. Unless there is something in your background you will get it in time.

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    I got mine in February 13, just 3 days short of the 90 days they have by law to issue. I've seen posts in the forums that said if you apply in person on their terminals, it's quite a bit shorter, but in my case, I wasn't close enough to their offices to do that.
    It appears that the big delay is in the 'data entry' part of the process.

    p.s. where in NY and where in FL? We're in Western NY and have home south of Melbourne and are moving permanently in a couple years.

  7. I got a renewal notice from them several months before mine expired. Sent in the check and application - just a signature and got the renewed license in 8 days. Renewal is very easy.

  8. When I got my FL CWP two years ago it took 8 days to receive my permit. Now it's taking months for people to get theirs. FL has the most issued permits in the country at the moment so give them a call and be patient.
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    My nonresident FL permit took about 45 days. But that was six years ago. I understand they are behind the 8 ball with so many requests - both resident and nonresident - they can't keep up. Several states are in that pickle. I have nonresident permits from FL, UT, and AZ with a resident TX so I can travel in all of the states I go to and pass through (I drive around Maryland!). Granted, there are many duplicated with these, but each one give at least one state the others don't. The three nonresident permits are very easy to obtain and do not require a trip to the state. AZ is super easy if you already have a permit or are a veteran.

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    82 days from when I mailed my package in to when I received my FL non-resident license. Website said the same thing you're experiencing right up until they mailed it.

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    We teach the FL class in Texas and 90 days is just about what most are experiencing here.
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