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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Michaelc748 View Post
    Hi all,
    Thanks for the replies. and to NavyLCDR, you are correct but I am new to the forum but I usually look back through posts a ways to see if there are any recent posts about the topic, if not, I just assume it hasn't been talked about it awhile. My mistake on this one.
    As for what kind of gun that I carry, it is the new Taurus PT111 Millenium G2 that does have a trigger safety on it. With that and the double action first pull of the trigger is fairly stout, I'm not worried about a accidental trigger pull.
    I do also have a Taurus 92 and there is no way I would carry that cocked without the safety on.
    I apologize for being so rough in my first reply post. I have a Taurus PT-145 Millenium Pro. My particular holster has a problem with flicking the safety off due to movement. After having found my gun several times in the holster with the safety off, I just started carrying it that way. The only thing the manual safety accomplishes is to keep the trigger from being pulled far enough to the rear to discharge the gun. All of the other internal safeties that keep the gun from discharging without the trigger being pulled are unaffected. The trigger is heavy enough that I am completely comfortable with "Don't pull the trigger and the gun won't discharge" being the only safety required when the gun is holstered.

    I can manipulate the safety while the gun is holstered. So my rule is, if the gun comes out of the holster for any reason other than self defense, I deliberately move the safety lever to on before withdrawing the gun from the holster. When I am returning the gun to the holster, the safety is on until the gun is in the holster, and then I deliberately move the safety lever to off. Periodically throughout the day, I will feel that the safety lever is still in the off position. I have never found it to become accidentally moved to the on position.

    When drawing from the holster for practice self defense, I do make the motion of moving the safety to the off position, just in case.... you never know.

    I had a Taurus PT-92 old version without a decocker. I loved that gun, but the ex-wife stole it before the divorce. I would always manually decock the gun and carry it with hammer down and safety off. The safe procedure for decocking a hammer fired pistol without a decocking lever is to point the gun in a safe direction, insert index finger of the non firing hand between the hammer and the firing pin. Hold the hammer back with thumb of firing hand. Pull trigger to rear and hold. Lower the hammer towards your index finger in front of the firing pin just enough to allow the trigger to reset. Release the trigger. At this time, all of the internal safeties keeping the hammer from the firing pin are engaged. Gently lower the hammer while at the same time slowly removing the finger in front of the firing pin. Worse case scenario you get a smashed finger or cut finger. Actually, I am more wary of guns with decockng levers than those without.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michaelc748 View Post
    It is one of Taurus' original copies that did NOT have the decocker. I can decock it manually but that is always a little sketchy and not something I like to do.
    Ahh, OK, I didn't realize that. I carry a weapon daily that has to be decocked manually, and that's the one thing I really hate about it. I have had it for several years, and will never be 100% comfortable with lowering the hammer on a loaded chamber, but I've been carrying DA/SA type weapons for almost 40 years, and am also not comfortable carrying it cocked & locked like a 1911. Like your Taurus (apparently), the manufacturer made a version with a decocker maybe three or four years after I bought the two that I have. Might upgrade one day, but ain't possible for the time being.

    Anyway, hammer down, no safety for me, long DA pull and what's between my ears are my safeties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NavyLCDR View Post
    I might have been too harsh in my post. But, geez.... there are just some topics that have a new thread started about the same thing at least once a month.... and I guess I am the type of person that likes to just find answers myself from what is already available rather than just asking the question with no research to begin with. I need to accept that not everyone is like that.
    Face it, it does get tiresome answering the same questions over and over again when a brief search of the forum will turn up a dozen or more threads that deal with the same question! How many threads are there that deal with the questions, do you use the safety and do you carry with one in the chamber?!

    I prefer doing my own research as well, but I like the feedback on ideas once I have done the research.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bjonsson75 View Post
    I completely agree. I carry a Ruger SR9c - has both a trigger safety and a thumb safety. When I carry, I carry with one in the chamber, safety off. Most of the time, the thumb safety is there for a reason, however, I think Ruger went overkill adding both the trigger safety and thumb safety on a striker fire DAO pistol.
    While I carry the same pistol, I carry with the safety on, for the time being. I've trained myself to click it off as I pull to fire. I'll probably stop using it, eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BluesStringer View Post
    If it's as good a copy of the Beretta 92F as it looks, there's no way you even can carry it cocked with the safety on. Engaging the safety on that weapon decocks it, doesn't it? After loading the chamber and decocking, that weapon should be perfectly safe to disengage the safety lever and carry chambered/safety off/DA mode for first round out.

    My Ruger SR22 is the same way, once you've chambered a round, and the Hammer is in the cocked position, putting the safety on will automatically de-cock the hammer. And as for de-cocking your gun (1911 styling) after a round has been loaded into the chamber, I have heard horror stories, albeit rare, but if your gun malfunctions some how and your thumb is on the hammer, when it ejects the spent shell and cycles a round, it will also cycle your thumb off. Not sure if this ever really happens but it seems plausible and something to be conscious of?
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