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    Ruger LC9

    This is a great weapon for CCW.Offers Compact easy conceal firepower!!

  3. I have one and love it. Have had very few problems with it, The problems I have had are operator errors. Have to get use to the long trigger pull. Works just like my 38 revolver. Very accurate once you master the feel of the trigger...

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    I'm thinking about getting the Taurus 709 slim. I like the SA/DA better than the DAO on my LC9.

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    I looked at several CCW weapons before deciding on the LC9. I like the long trigger pull when target shooting, it makes me take that breath to stay calm..
    I also like the size and weight.

  6. Ive had one for about 2 years and like it a lot for size, firepower and accuracy. Trigger pull is an issue due to my large hands, I finally built up the backstrap about 1 cm. using Propoxy plastic type epoxy putty. I also put on a "thumb rest" using the same stuff. This keeps my thumb from blocking my trigger finger in the last stage of trigger travel. Id love to have one of the available trigger jobs / kits done.

  7. I reallly like the Ruger LC9 which I purchased for my wife to carry; I have a Beretta Nano for my own carry, but frankly am a bit uneasy when it comes to carrying it with one in he chamber wit just the rigger safety. That's one f the things about the Ruger LC9 in having the option to carry with one in the chamber since it has the safety on , but the 9mms of this type are super for a pocket carry, both of them working well. JKemmerer

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    Just bought one about a month ago. Well built, flawless operation with a mix of ammo. Fits my larger hand well with mag extension. I did add the Pachmayr tactical grip glove ($10.00) as it provides a bit of a bulge around the grip. My wife shot it recently and liked it as well. Our son is considering one for his off-duty weapon.

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