How long did it take to you feel comfortable?
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Thread: How long did it take to you feel comfortable?

  1. How long did it take to you feel comfortable?

    I have had my NY State CC permit for a couple years now. I have carried periodically but until I found a holster that I was comfortable wearing all day I have not carried every day until about 2 months a go.

    I use 2 different holsters now, one for work and one for casual. For work I wear dress slacks and pressed shirts (usually white but sometimes colored). I wear a Thunderwear for work and it is by far the most comfortable way to carry for me that I have found. I don't carry at 12 but have found that at 2:30 just under the front right pocket works best.

    For casual I sometimes use the Thunderwear as well but generally DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. The Nemesis was recommended by many here so I tried it.

    My question: how many days; weeks; months did it take for you to just forget that you were carrying? I have pretty much reached that point so for me about 6 weeks.

    "Forget" is probably not the best word so let's say self conscious as others have said below.

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    FORGET that I was carrying? I never forget that I am carrying.

    Stopped being self-conscious about carrying? A couple of weeks.

  4. I don't ever forget! Comfortable with carrying? Probably about a month. I carried in a Ramora until I got on Old Faithful IWB. Just ordered a belt kit from them yesterday.

  5. Once I got my Crossbreed, it took about a week to get it shaped to my body. I also have a Kangaroo Carry for when I have to dress up. Both very comfortable and versatile. Carry a Taurus 24/7..

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    I don't remember. It was too long ago.
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    I don't know if one ever gets completely comfortable with carrying a firearm, there are so many things that go along with the responsibility that it will always be some how on your mind. Understanding the difference between carrying and not and what it will do for you helps me accept the premise that I am no longer the individual that didn't carry, that didn't accept responsibility for my own safety and protection and allows me to be as comfortable as I can be. It does not impede my desire or willingness to carry every day.
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    It took me a couple weeks to get comfortable,but forgetting is not a option for me or I hope anyone else.I always remember and that's what is most comfortable of all-----KNOWING ITS THERE-----

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    I have to agree with others about the time frame. You might want to try a bellyband. Works well with dress clothes.

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    I never forget I'm carrying... It did take awhile for me to get comfortable with it though. It was a lot of responsibility at first but I eventually got used to it. I now OC whenever possible and that took some additional time to get used to as well. The right belt/holster/clothes combo is key to comfort as well.
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    It took me a couple of weeks to feel comfortable carrying. I pocket carry a subcompact 9mm. I now feel naked and conspicuous when I don't have that extra weight and bulk in my right pocket even though it is small and relatively light.

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