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  1. Funny, sounds very much like our house. 38, night stand, decent shot. However, I didn't think she could pull the trigger on another human being. Boy was I surprised. We had an incident recently with some yahoos driving through our yard. I went out to get them out of our septic field before they wrecked it and a confrontation ensued. Suddenly it stopped and the driver had a sudden attitude adjustment and became apologetic about being in our yard, etc. When I followed his very large eyed stare back over my shoulder, there was my wife on our front porch with her 38. She says she would have shot him had he continued his on mad dog charge from his vehicle to me at the bottom of the steps. I think her mom instinct kicked in and I now believe she would have fired. Yes I was armed and was in the process of drawing my weapon.
    She now carries "sometimes" on her walks in the neighborhood and almost always when we go to town. That incident convinced her, I never was going to.
    I agree, don't push it, you only hurt your chances to be supportive when she is ready.

  3. A person is more @ risk carrying any weapon they are not prepared to use. Since she does enjoy shooting get her into a class. See if there is a ladies group around. Offer to buy her a target pistol of her own. A .22 is cheap to shoot and she'll enjoy shooting it. Per defense get her into a pepper spray defense class. Allot of the information is the same and it will give both of you some peace of mind. Do NOT pressure her. She is at greater risk carrying a gun if she is not ready on her own to do so.

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