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Thread: Questions for folks in open carry states.

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    I have seen and spoken with many OC'ers although the majority of them were at open carry dinners/seminars held in public venues.

    I open carry everywhere it is legal to do so every time I am in public. I also carry a BUG concealed.

  3. I've seen it a few times here in Wisconsin. I open carry around my property, and on occasion elsewhere. Not that I purposely keep it hidden, I usually prefer concealed when out in public, as I then have the element of surprise on my side, should I require it.

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    On the game lands where I hunt and fish concealed carry is illegal, but open carry is legal, so I open carry hunting or fishing, and while going to or from. In many years of going there I have only seen one other person open carry a handgun fishing, and I've never seen any hunters with a handgun at all. Lots of people have seen me open carry fishing and pretty much no one really pays any attention to it. I get a few looks when I stop at a convenience store on the way there or back, but no one has ever actually looked concerned despite my very disreputable appearance in hunting or fishing clothes.

    I concealed carry otherwise. I do see a few people open carry elsewhere around the state, but not very often. Never in the cities.
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    I see it a good bit in walmarts that border the rual areas of va beach but go into the walmarts centered more city area then I never see it.i know the guns are out there due to the amount of construction guys around me who carry in their trucks with mounted holsters next to consoles or map pocket.or the amount of guys that have a lunch box but no lunch just a gun inside.

  6. Vary rarely in the New Orleans area, though that's not to say never. I see it all the time at the indoor range and the gun store, but that doesn't really count. It's legal in Louisiana, but just because it's legal doesn't mean you won't get harassed. I CC everywhere I can and double lock it in the vehicle when I need to get out at places that I can't.

  7. Wow great response. It is about what I expected. I think I would still want to go concealed most of the time, but the option would be nice. We just got a step closer. Now you can't get in trouble for accidentally showing your weapon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cypher View Post
    I can probably count on one hand the number of times I've seen it in the city, you see it a lot in the mountains though. I carry concealed because that's my preference
    Do you do things just to incite? What's with your location "Living rent free in Bluesstringer's head"? From another thread you mentioned you were done with him, but now this is on your profile so every post you make people see this? Who's living in whose head?
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    Its not too common here in Michigan. The majority of carriers are doing so concealed here.

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    Have never seen it here and I have lived here for 2 years now. The only time that I do it is when I'm going to the local gun store or the shooting range.

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    I OC on a regular basis here in the Great State if Vermont!
    No permits required to carry openly or concealed.
    I have to say though that while I don't go out much, when I do, I'm the only one I see with an OC gun.
    No issues or events to speak of. No harassment or fear from the natives either...

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