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Thread: Glock EDC

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    I alternate between an H&K HK45C and a Glock G30S. They are always chambered. I really like the Glock.

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    Glock EDC

    This is at least the 3 thread on this issue within a month. I realize the search feature isn't great but at least look past the first page before you post.

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    One of my two carry guns is a Glock 21 SF (cool weather). I ALWAYS carry one in the chamber. Practice good trigger finger control (off of the trigger until ready to rock and roll) and you will be perfectly safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farsidefan1 View Post
    I'm a glock guy - 19,23,26 (except when I'm carrying my bersa thunder). I ALWAYS carry it with one in the pipe. Otherwise, as some have said, "it's just a small club". Glocks can be dropped, kicked, run over by a truck, thrown at a wall (yes, I actually saw a nutcase do this to make his point) and they don't go bang unless you hook the trigger. If you have good trigger finger discipline you are good to go. If you grab the trigger while drawing nobody is safe. It's you and your finger that determine safety. The glock is safe.
    Amen, from another Glock guy.

    Caution: Don't buy a Glock 26!!! It will ruin your life. You'll never want to shoot anything else. LOL

    In Glock we trust.
    G'Day and G'lock

  6. I carry a Glock 23 or a 36.Always with a round in the chamber.

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