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Thread: Carrying and becoming a possible threat situation.

  1. It might have been store security/loss prevention following.
    Some of the wallyworld stores have some poorly trained LP associates and can be spotted easily.
    In most cases I've noticed them they consist of 20 something's on cell phones and stand out.

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    Thanks Rudy045, that could of been it. That describes the people for sure, early to mid 20's and on cellphones. Plus if they were looking for each other being only an isle or so apart was a little strange to me. Being in a college town it's not uncommon for that age group to be around, but most times they are texting and not talking on the phone.

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    So were you carrying concealed or open? If concealed you might want to revisit how you conceal
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  5. For the most part I don't worry about carrying concealed when going out anymore, it all depends on where I'm going.
    According to Indiana law I am covered open or concealed.
    I honestly am not sure how Wal Marts L/P works, but for the most part they don't know how to blend in.

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    Did someone see you re-holster your firearm in the parking lot?
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    Perhaps these people were undercover workers for the store and thought you might have a weapon and decided to make sure you were up to no good.

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