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Thread: Should I carry at my daughter's wedding?

  1. What happened to the dad carry a shotgun to the wedding? If it stays concealed, who would know?

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    Like someone posted earlier, ONLY if it won't detract from HER day. You can always get all your buddies to carry.

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  4. I carried at my daughter's wedding this summer. If you're talking CCW, no one will know, just the way it's supposed to be.

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    I don't know what the law says in your state, but here, carrying a gun means no bubbly (or any other booze) at the reception.

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    In Arizona, one may carry in a place selling booze if the one that carries is not drinking. If the Bride know Dad and would know you would carry. My little girl (41 y.o.) has her own Glock and carries. But as said before, what does she say about HER day. I would not want to spoil it for her. But being in a big city down town maybe you should CC and no one would know unless you had to use. Maybe a wedding gift would be a Glock for her and a show of your target skills for his well being. Let us know when you become a grand parent. Cigars all around.
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    You don't give much detail as to why you are asking this question. I have to assume that you carrying is somehow not perceived well by your daughter. Do you usually carry openly or concealed? Will you be dancing closely with her and if it is concealed, when she notices it during the dance will she be upset?

    Do your friends carry openly or concealed? Would they get upset if you asked them to carry concealed only? Are you able to have a reception with alcohol and be carrying in the state that you live in? If not, is alcohol important to your daughter at her wedding?

    Will she be more upset if trouble happens and no one has a means to protect people at her wedding? Do you expect trouble?

    Are you able to get some of your friends to stand guard to the entrance to the reception hall who are CC, therefore you can respect her wishes of no one carrying in the reception hall?

    These are questions, if I were you that I would run through my mind first before making that decision and possibly putting a wedge between your daughter and you.
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    How about... ask the bride? If she knows you carry, she either assumes you will and doesn't care, or has already asked you not to. If she asked you not to, you're screwed if she finds out, so if you must, try ankle carry.

    It could, of course, make a wedding infinitely more interesting: Debunking Gun Control ? ?Just Don?t Shoot My Dad? Jeff Is Carrying On ... Again
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  9. If it were me... I would carry if it was legal in your area to do so. What she doesn't know, won't hurt her as you do not have to tell her that you are carrying. If she asks, of course you don't want to lie to her and you can tell her at that time but I am pretty sure she will be preoccupied with the fact that she is getting married to even think about whether you are carrying or not.

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    All I can say is that I am so thankful that my wife of 25 years and I made the decision before we got married not to have kids. It wasn't a selfish thing, like no Honey, we couldn't keep partying 'til we puke if we have kids. It wasn't a financial thing, like no Baby Cakes, I ain't spending money to send a bunch of rug-rats through college just so they can live in the basement hoping for the windfall that comes from our early demise. No, the reason was simple.....

    There was no internet when we got married. No way could we have made the monumental decisions like should we carry or not at our daughter's wedding unless we could first run it by about 52,000 total strangers for advice!

    Sorry. I thought this might be a good thread just to explain our Planned non-Parenthood. Shwew! I've been holding that in for a long time! Now y'all can give me (us) the belated advice on whether or not to have kids that I (we) would have asked for back when Al Gore was still screamin' about global cooling and the New Ice Age! LOL

    Good luck at the wedding no matter what everyone else decides for you, OP!

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    Do what you think is appropriate there is no right or wrong answer here.

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