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Thread: Should I carry at my daughter's wedding?

  1. Quote Originally Posted by r1derbike View Post
    Mine was also outdoors as well. 98 degrees. Over 50 friends and guests. It was supposed to be a 6 person wedding, then my wife got involved...

    That evening a storm went through that blew everything away we had put up, huge reception area portable tent/canopies and canopies in the front lawn. All the leftover food, decorations...everything got blown into the woods. Knocked-over one of my trees and blocked neighbor's driveway. We were sitting in the reception tent and some were dancing after dark to wind-down. And the storm blew-in in less than 5 minutes after the gust front. My wife's son and I tried to hold onto some supports, but they were ripped from our hands. A surreal sight, watching everything blown across the lawn and into the night sky. Had to get my roof replaced. We were without power for over 11 hours.

    At least Thor waited 'til evening to unleash his anger, not being on the guest list. This was a wedding to be truly remembered. My brother couldn't get to his home for fallen trees, and had to call my dad to look at a map to navigate open roadways. I didn't know about this for weeks. Ahhh. Love!

    @mark3885, congratulations on the wedding. I bet you are a proud father!

    EDIT: Hindsight, one of the guests should have been responsible for up to the minute WX outlook. It was supposed to be hot/humid.

    You never lied about will remember for life, that wasn't good but it's good that all was well at the end. The wedding I did was about 500+ peoples with the weather about 90 degree, my friend he is a biker and had all of them and his friend at work, it was the best wedding I did, I was really impress on how it turn out. And you know nothing will probably will happen at the wedding but once you train yourself and have been carrying for years it because second nature. I know since I've been carry and when I can't carry (like at work) I feel funny. Hope it went well for the op.

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    I'm not understanding why this is even a question, unless you're planning to OC. No one can tell that I CC, even if I take off my suit coat. It's concealed, which makes it no one's business but mine. I carry everywhere that's legal, regardless of any signs to the contrary (here in Idaho private signs don't carry the force of law except for trespassing if you don't leave if asked.)

    Just carry, smile, and enjoy the event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojoman View Post
    My XDm .45 4.5 now which is full size but I'm learning to carry it @ 3:00 and I can conceal it pretty good, almost as good as my XDs .45. I went today and rented the Glock 19 and 26 which I shoot well but I think that I shoot the 19 better, I like the 26 because I can conceal it better I don't think that will be an issue though. The wife and I are heading down to Oregon tomorrow so I will be carrying my XDm. The wedding I did was an out door wedding, the guy had a pretty large space.
    Have you given the XD compact a look? At least then you're staying with a system with which you are already familiar. Throw on a pearce grip extension if you need a little extra to grip.

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    Provided it is legal in your state of residence then why not? I carry always whenever I can because as previously stated you never know when something bad can happen. You're not doing anything wrong by leaving your options open in case of dire need and it's nobody else's business if you are carrying.

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    my grandson just got married and I carried to the church and reception
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    I carried at my bosses wedding last weekend. Downtown Jacksonville.

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    If it was a "shotgun wedding" your question would be answered. Seriously, if it was me, and state and local laws do not prohibit it, I would carry comcealed and never mention it. As far as telling the daughter, I would not even consider it unless she asks. If that happens an appropriate response would be, "Honey, nothing is more important to me than you and your Mom. I could never forgive myself if anything happened to you because I chose to leave our 'protection' in the car or at home. I realize there may only be a one chance in a thousand that anything may happen to make my concealed handgun necessary but I do not want to take that chance with you or your Mom. You can be sure it will remain totally concealed and no one needs to know I have it. I want nothing to take away from your day."
    -----Now, if she does not say, "Thank you Daddy for wanting to keep me safe." and feel good about your decision to carry, the question is, where did you go wrong?
    -----Depending upon what you have, an alternative to IWB carry would be something you could pocket carry and there are reasonably priced pocket carry holsters that protect your gun and help from imprinting. Personally, I have a Ruger LC9 that I have carried in a pocket holster but currently carry IWB as cross draw at 10:00. I would stay away from an ankle hoster if you plan any dancing as you will likely be thinking about whether it is moving on your ankle instead of enjoying your Father-Daughter dance and remembering your years together. As far as your friends who CC, I would not even bring it up to them unless asked. Then, I would tell them your decision and leave it up to them. I would feel it would be their choice whether they carried. However, I might specify my preference would be only CC, if it was me.
    -----Here is hoping you have a great wedding and reception. Congratulations
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    Quote Originally Posted by mark3885 View Post
    In a few weeks, my daughter is getting married . The wedding and reception are in a large city, downtown ,parking is in a local parking ramp and not connected to the reception area. I'm not sure I want to tell my daughter that I will carry and encourage my law abiding friends to carry or do I just wait until she asks or finds out on her own.
    You should carry anytime, anywhere you can legally. Bottom line is better to have and not need , then desperately need and not have. Life is already to short to have a MWAG end it for you or your loved ones. "Cocked & Locked"
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    As a Father that has been through 5 daughters weddings. Ask her.
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  11. We talked last night and she doesn't have a problem with it. She acted like it was no big deal. So now , what should I carry? I was thinking to carry my PPK, iwb, I thought about ankle but , I will be dancing . As far as my friends, most carry where ever they are. Thanks for all your comments and concerns.

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