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Thread: Should I carry at my daughter's wedding?

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    Just curious, are you guys enjoying a few adult beverages at these weddings?
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  3. Yes ,that was my biggest concern. This has been well thought out and I will be in complete control. I don't drink much more than 2 drinks if that. This is one event that I will pay attention to every detail that this night brings.I can assure you that alcohol will not be a problem.

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    We talked last night and she doesn't have a problem with it. She acted like it was no big deal. So now , what should I carry? I was thinking to carry my PPK, iwb, I thought about ankle but , I will be dancing . As far as my friends, most carry where ever they are. Thanks for all your comments and concerns.
    The PPK IWB sounds like a very good way to go. If you have a good paddle holster and will be wearing a jacket, then the four o'clock position is also a good way to go. Inner pockets of a jacket can also be a very good way to carry compacts/sub-compacts.

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    Assuming all is legal and alcohol consumption would be low, and I recommend none, yes.
    I would feel better at any big event if I knew all the good guys/gals were carrying.
    I recommend you not drink so if you do end up shooting your BAL would be 0.0.

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