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    Question Travel and concealed carry

    I will be traveling from Ohio to Colorado in the near future. I have concealed carry permits for Ohio and Arizona. Arizona is reciprocal with Colorado, but since Colorado's new laws can I carry concealed in CO using my AZ permit? Can I open carry in CO? I have been researching and keep finding conflicting answers.

    P.S. Colorado and their stupid gun laws make me NOT want to go there, but I am visiting friends, so must go.

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    According to the reciprocity maps on this site, neither OH (as resident) nor AZ (as non-resident) have reciprocity with CO. You will also probably want to reroute so as not to go through IL, until they figure everything out as well.
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    Colorado doesn't accept any non-resident permits. For the most part it's an open carry state, besides Denver, and anywhere else that feels like banning it. So check everywhere you plan to be first, but OC might be an option.
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    Travel and concealed carry

    Download ccw for your smart phone they have the latest in reciprocity and the respective state law. Very usefull

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