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  1. Minnesota resident; Utah permit

    Hello all!

    I recently moved to MN from Wisconsin, and now I am a resident. I hold a non-resident carry permit from Utah. When going through the process of acquiring a Permit to Purchase, the gal at the Sheriff's Office had said that all her husband carries with is a Utah non-resident, and that I should be good with that for carrying in the state of MN. Purchasing a gun is another matter. So...

    Minnesota resident using a Utah non-resident permit GTG?

    My understanding was that being a Wisconsin resident with a Utah permit made it legal to carry in MN, but living in MN would require the actual state permit.

    Thanks for advice!

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    I moved to Oklahoma from Indiana and used my Utah and Arizona because I had to give up my Indiana lifetime lic. until my Oklahoma came in. I got my address changed on my Utah to match my address here in OK before I got my Drivers lic.
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    This is from Utah permit application:

    If you reside in a state that recognizes the validity of the Utah CFP or has reciprocity with Utah, you must obtain a CFP or CCW from your home state and submit a copy of it with your application for a Utah permit. For a list of reciprocal states visit: Reciprocity with Other States | Utah Department of Public Safety Residency will be determined by your state-issued identification. If your state does not recognize the Utah permit this does not apply.

    If I remember correctly, you have one year to obtain a permit from your home state. Otherwise, the Utah permit is invalid.

    You should probably pose your question to the folks in Utah.
    Concealed Firearm Permits in Utah | Utah Department of Public Safety

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