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Thread: I need some good leather ;-)

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    I use a Desantis Sof-Tuck for my 1911 and Colt Gov't .380. I live in S. Fl. it's very comfortable. I tried far too many and this suits my needs.

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    I need some good leather ;-)

    Soteria holsters,UTB HOLSTERS, and milt sparks- but Milt his has a long wait. UTB HOLSTERS are great,just ordered a Soteria for my xds. good luck

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    I had ugly bald guy holsters make me a holster a few years ago and I just love it. His work is custom and you can choose from leather types and exotic trims.

    I have used both holsters with a single and double clip, in my opinion a leather holster with a wide double clip stays in place better and its more comfortable than a single clip. I found that my gun would pivot on the single clip and I frequently had to adjust my gun. I carry a HK USP compact so it may be more likely to move than a small light pistol.

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    I need some good leather ;-)

    I messed up its ubgholsters not UTB sorry about that.

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    Check this out: Diamond D Custom Leather

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    Quote Originally Posted by s0nspark View Post
    I have finally realized, after a few years of carrying kydex holsters IWB in various positions, that leather may be a better choice for me after all. I'd prefer not to fill up another box with holsters in the search, though. My carry guns are a Glock 29 and a Glock 20... and I expect to be carrying in the 4 o'clock position but would prefer appendix.
    Any recommendations?
    I am fine with getting an IWB holster for the G29 and an OWB for the G20 if it comes to that but I'm not sure how well I could conceal with the OWB holster...
    Oh, and I should mention that I have ruled out hybrids like the Supertuck. Tried one and it was just wasn't for me...
    I'm 5' 10" and skinny. I made 8 of my own holsters, and two for friends. And I am not a leather man.
    One is an IWB for a .32. All the rest are OWB, three to wear at 5:00 (gave them all away), and all the rest are made for 3:00 or appendix carry. I made one holster for my Bersa .380, two for my Bersa 9mm UC (one is roughout), and this week, I finished the second holster for my Taurus Judge. Every one of them (except a western holster with LC45 cartridge belt) conceal easily with different vests. My Judge conceals with a vest that goes about 3 inches below my waistline.
    I used oil-tanned leather for the Judge holster, and it was too soft and pliable, even after it was boned and dried. So I used what I call a Lacquer wash that I use on a lot of turned wood pieces (I'm a wood-turner), and it is now stiffened better than vegetable tanned leather. I put four belt loops on the Judge holster (two high/two low), because I wasn't sure how high exactly that I could comfortably draw it. It turns out that I use the higher loops that let it ride a little lower, so I plan on cutting it down to a more comfortable size.
    I enclose the barrel end on every gun, because I don't want anything to accidentally "crawl" in there.

    I want to re-iterate here, that I had never made anything out of leather when I started with that little IWB holster. I've now made OWB holsters for my Daughter-in-law's little .32, and one friend's 1911, and will soon be making one for another friend's full size 9mm. I'll post a pic or two if anyone is interested.
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