Everyone should carry concealed
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Thread: Everyone should carry concealed

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    Everyone should carry concealed

    EVERYONE SHOULD CARRY CONCEALED, PREFERABLY WITH THE GOVT’S “PERMISSION”. The criminals (and the mental deficient) do every day, always in violation of the law and usually in violation of their probation or parole rules... and always for the sole purpose of victimizing the unarmed and the defenseless...

    "Gun Malfunction Stopped Attempted McDonald's Massacre"

    "Gun malfunction"?... I'd say "Divine Intervention" was the reason.

    Note how long this cockroach roams around pulling the trigger while pointing at innocent children and adults... Had there been just one ARMED CITIZEN (whether legally or illegally) in that restaurant, we would not be reading about this... simply because the media will hide anything which shows that ARMED CITIZENS and GUNS are crime deterrents... and hopefully, save taxpayer money when some cockroach is shot dead!

    What will it take people??

    This sort of criminal activity happens every single day in our country... and as usual, the typical cockroach is involved... yet no one makes any noise about it... business as usual... Crooks get to pass "GO" without any resistance from those who pay for the game... "JAIL" is a temporary condition... death is permanent.

    Go out and get a gun, you don’t need a permit to keep one at home. Practice with your gun, know its limitations, as well as yours, and be a part of the solution...not just one of the prey!

    Keep this in mind...

    "When evil presents itself and seconds count...the police are usually just minutes away"

    Arm Up!!
    The only easy day was yesterday
    Dedicated to my brother in law who died
    doing what he loved being a Navy SEAL

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    I carry everywhere I go.
    Vietnam Veteran 1966 - 1970 USASA
    Bersa Thunder 9 HC Pro - I've never had a failure of any kind with it.
    Politicians should be limited to 2 terms - One in office and one in prison.

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    I carry everywhere and the governments permission slip is the 2nd Amendment.

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    One article I read said after it misfired, he went outside and shot it in the air successfully so walked back in and the gun jammed again, according to LE spokesperson. Divine intervention?
    Dave "The said Constitution shall never be construed...to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms." Samuel Adams

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    To hell with carrying concealed......open carry here buddy....if they can see it and still want some......come at me bro.....

    "DILLIGAF isn't an attitude, its a lifestyle, that's why its tattooed across my throat"

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    I agree, Everyone who is of right mind should carry in any form they choose.
    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
    the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

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    Everyone should have the RIGHT to legally carry in whatever mode suits them. I'm aware of some folks that would cause me concern if they carried, so I won't say that "everyone" should carry.
    Only when our arms are sufficient, without doubt, can we be certain, without doubt, that they will never be employed....... John F. Kennedy
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    Understand what you are saying but you are 1) preaching to the choir and 2) very pretentious on your part. Again, before anyone only reads what they want to see and not what I actually wrote--I understand and have no problem with what has been said.

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    I believe..........

    Everyone who legally can should carry a firearm of their choosing in whatever manner they wish regardless of what anyone else thinks about it. It is the "right to keep and bear arms"... not the privilege controlled by what other people don't like. We have enough laws that restrict the right to bear arms already... we don't need other people's personal opinions concerning what is considered "unacceptable" to restrict it too.

    As far as the McDonald's incident referenced in the OP.........

    The method of carry, concealed or open, would not matter if an armed person decided to respond to that criminal. What would really be the important factor isn't the method of carry but to actually be carrying.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by opsspec1991 View Post
    Another self-proclaimed internet expert who claims to know what is best for everyone....
    Anyone who says, "I support the 2nd amendment, BUT"... doesn't. Element of Surprise: a mythical element that many believe has the same affect upon criminals that Kryptonite has upon Superman.

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