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  1. Driving through California

    I have a cwp up here in Washington State. I will be driving through California going to Arizona. I'm wondering if I would be breaking the law if I drive through California with my two firearms? Thank you for any insight.

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    Unfortunetly, California does NOT recognize any other states Concealed Carry Permit. As far as the pistols are concerned, they must be unloaded and transported in a locked container in accordance with California penal codes. Additionally, California does not allow threaded barrels on pistols, nor do they allow pistols that fire regular shotgun shells (Judge, Govenor, bond derringer in 45 colt/.410). See the CalGuns forum for a good flow chart concerning pistols http://www.calguns.net/caawid/hgflowchart.pdf. Good luck with your travels.

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    Welcome to the forums and great first question.

    I'm going to assume that you do indeed also live in Washington state. With that said, I will also assume your route to AZ to go through Oregon as well, correct? If so, then you have two states that don't share reciprocity with your resident Washington state permit. Might I suggest an alternate route: ID, then UT, then AZ? This would allow you to have reciprocity with each state you travel through.

    Now if this is out of the question, then your real problem is how to handle yourself legally when driving through OR and CA, with respect to your firearms.
    For OR, without a permit for their state, you may not have a loaded handgun within the passenger compartment of your vehicle unless it is locked up. See section (4) ORS 166.250 - Unlawful possession of firearms - 2011 Oregon Revised Statutes
    For CA, it also must be locked within the vehicle, preferably trunk. Read pages 28 and 29 of this link. http://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/pd...ms/Cfl2007.pdf

    I hope this helps you out.
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    To add to the OP post. What I haven't got is a straight answer about mag capacity. To be safe, I have a couple of 10 round mags that are CA compliant which I bring when traveling to and from CA and AZ. The 16 rounds one stay home. :(

    If you google, you might find others who make a case that you can have 10+ round mags so long as they are unassembled. Not sure if you want to go into that grey area. Just something else to look into before you head to AZ.

    Good luck.

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    Treat it like we treat Ill and Min when we leave from Wis to Az.
    We WILL NOT go through either state.
    By-pass Cal and Ore.
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  7. Thank you all for the good replies! I'm going to just take my H&K .45. I guess I'll just keep it locked up and take out the mag. In a perfect world I would go through Utah and Idaho but we are stopping in Bakersfield. Would be interesting to know how much money the state of California looses because of their ridiculous gun laws. Thanks again, much appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GB-Boater View Post
    Treat it like we treat Ill and Min when we leave from Wis to Az.
    We WILL NOT go through either state.
    By-pass Cal and Ore.
    Oregon allows for safe passage, except for Portland which considers rounds in your magazine to be "loaded" and the inside of your car to be a "public place".

  9. I to have a CCL for WA, AZ and OR. but not for CA so if and when my wife and I goes through there I will take my XDs (in the factory) when we do go. The wife and I was in Medford OR the other week and I was carrying my XDm .45, we are talking about driving to Vegas next year which I hope my XDs will be back by then but anyway be safe and be aware of your surrounding.

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