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  1. I'm going to assume the question of this thread is based on what we would do if it had've happened to me in my state where I can have a gun. So that being said, with my wife and child in the picture, I would have either done what he did, plowing anyone out of my way who was involved in the violence, and when I didn't have a way as he didn't there at the end, I would have shot anyone who laid hands on my car. Those guys need the book thrown at them.

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    Since we only see partial videos it's difficult to know all the events leading to the initial collision. That being said I have often mentally prepared myself for the event of being surrounded by a large group of bikers. The first thing I would do is slow down to allow them to pass and move on. Hopefully that would work. If they also slowed down it would indicate they may be trying to stop me. I would make every attempt possible to video record what is happening. Push comes to shove and I have to defend myself, somebody, or their bike might be run over. The other bikers obviously reacted in a very wrong way also. would have been much better for them to stay with the car and their buddy until police arrived. Had that happened the biker who is paralyzed would still be ok.

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