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    I can't see how the company has this right unless it is spelled out in your contract. However, full disclaimer, I am not an attorney nor do I play one on TV.

    I suspect you are encountering the prejudice of one individual, rather than the company, but you haven't given enough detail to know more. I'm working a contract position now that says in the contract no weapons of any kind anywhere on company premises. On the other hand, I have overheard employees talking about their preferred way to carry concealed, so it's confusing. I am hoping to be hired permanently soon and will then have a chance to see if there is a policy difference for "real" employees.

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    People do lots of talking, but that's often ALL that they do. Also, they might well ccw ELSEWHERE, but not at work, correct?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thru View Post
    Also, they might well ccw ELSEWHERE, but not at work, correct?
    thru is absolutely correct on this. Many people that have a CCW permit will not be allowed to carry at work because of company rules and policies. That does not mean that they do not carry outside of work and they certainly will be inclined to discuss it at work when they know they are surrounded by pro gun/pro carry people. I see it at work all the time.

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