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    I get what you are saying but just because you felt the need to draw your gun does not mean you can or should use it. If the threat retreats at the sight of you drawing I don't see where you'd have legal grounds to shoot.

    I know we're talking theoretically and dealing in split seconds here... but that's all it takes to make a very serious mistake.
    But if I feel so threatened, that I feel I need my gun, a draw and shot are the same.
    I can draw and shoot under a second.
    So if I make that decision to draw, it's one motion draw shoot.

    Reminds me,
    I really need to get my own shot timer

  3. I’m not sure how to respond, my first question would be what are the laws governing concealed carry by security in Flint?

    In general my take is that carrying a gun where you are prohibited from doing so causes more problems than it solves. Would your company have stood behind you if you fired? Would Worker’s Comp cover you if you were injured as a direct result of your carry of an unauthorized weapon or would the company disavow you and leave you hanging?

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