Had to Draw My Gun Tonight
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    Exclamation Had to Draw My Gun Tonight

    Tonight I was working an Unarmed Apartment site in Burton Michigan, its a scum hole, use to be an armed site until a liberal company took over the complex and demanded it be an unarmed account, its a rather large account so the owner kept the contract. Anyways....

    I carry concealed all of the time, while Im scheduled there, best to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 right? Anyhow, while conducting our normal patrols, we observed an irate male and female in the parking lot by a building, as we rolled up, I observed a B.M with a long gun in his hands, we normally would have fled the situation, but due to a car pulling in behind us, and the irate female in front of our car, we could not leave, without either damaging a vehicle, or running over a woman, I observed the male approach my side of the vehicle [passenger side] angry as hell, weapon at the low ready, and finger on the trigger, I imediatley could tell it was a Ruger 10/22 by the charging handle and the box magazine in the lower area, he approached the car after a command to drop the weapon, he was rambling something about his apartment being broken into, but it was not as important as a man with a gun at my window, ignoring verbal commands. I drew my concealed firearm and pointed it right at him, I disengaged the safety and was putting my finger on the trigger getting ready to fire when his girlfriend stepped in front of me, clearly oblivious to the weapon pointed out of the car window, my partner [corrections officer working part time with us] drew his weapon and pointed it at the male and ordered him to drop the weapon, instead, he fled into his apartment and dropped the gun inside.
    I immediately contacted Police who seemed to take forever. Dispatch was on the phone with me the entire time, I kept asking for officers to hurry and explained what had just happened. I informed them the weapon was no longer in his hands, however he keeps going in and out of the apartment, ignoring commands to stay outside, I informed dispatch if he comes out with the weapon again, he was going to be shot. At this point theres approx 50 residents outside watching our activities, the man with the gun calling people racial names, stating he was going to shoot everyone, I relayed the info. However, after 10 minutes, Police are still not there, now the man with a gun is getting upset with us because were not taking information for his apartment that had just been burglarized, taunting us to use force [were supposed to do more observing and reporting than anything, however we became McKinley Management property incident librarians] I forwarded all info to Police.

    FINALLY after 15 minutes 8 officers come around the building, weapons now being holstered. They recovered the weapon the resident stated he never had in his possession, we ID'd it prior to them finding it, and then afterward, they ran him and found he had multiple warrants for his arrest, found out he was a felon with a weapon, and arrested him for his warrants and some sort of weapons charge [they did not share the info] Police spoke with me and asked me why I did not "just shoot him" I informed them I held fire because his GF stepped in my way, or else he would have been a dead man. Police stated when they retreived it, they confirmed it was a ruger 10/22 but was now unloaded, I explained I wasnt taking any chances whether it was loaded or not. They commended me for my level head on holding fire, but still stuck to their guns [no pun intended] and stated I would have been justified shooting him, whether the weapon was pointed at me or not. He was a man with a gun with no immediate threat approaching security & irate. Also, small quantity of marijuana in his possession [front right pocket] and under the influence of alcohol.
    History: Ive dealt with the couple numerous times for domestic issues, GF would want him gone due to his drinking, however, she would fight with him, then want him back, [annoying as hell] weve tried numerous times to get him trespassed due to him not being a legal resident [by contract] with the property, however, police wouldnt trespass him due to him paying rent and it being his physical address on his license. Oh well, no biggie, however, weve had our issues with him, and him with us. I had no way of knowing if him and his GF were fighting again, and if he escalated the situation into weapons violence.

    Summary, drew my gun, he seen it and still acted like an idiot, I would have been justified but showed restraint [although I feel guilty now, I hesitated] and he got arrested. Numerous people witnessed it, although Police say I would have been Justified and my Management, although not happy with the situation, stands behind me....Im sure Ill see some backlash for concealing a weapon on an unarmed site, however Security Mgmt knows everyone conceals weapons theyll bit me to save the account, and thats the other issue, I put my companies contract at risk, however, I hope theyll see the error of using unarmed security on the border of Flint Michigan, a place well known for weapons violence, even with 9 shootings on property since they took over. Oh well.....
    Your thoughts? Still a bit rattled, pissed me off something fierce. Stupid moron coming to me with a gun......Lucky hes not dead, although Im sure he will be charged with Brandishing a firearm, Public Menace and Felon in possession of a weapon, and Handling a weapon while intoxicated....Wonder what else will come of it, although they did not take my information, so Im sure I wont see a court room...If I see him on property any time soon, I think Ill file a complaint and bring up charges on my own.

    Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier....One died for your soul; the other for your freedom.

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    You work security in a known "scum hole" and you are not allowed to carry there. I'd find a new company to work for that allows you to carry while working security.

    If you wear a uniform you ARE a target. If you cannot defend yourself because of company rules, find a new company.

    You were more restrained than I think I would have been in that situation. Of course, I did not see the events through your eyes. I may have held fire too. Regardless, the BG is in jail, no one got hurt. A successful night.
    "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote."
    ~ Benjamin Franklin (maybe)

  4. Wow, very exciting night to say the lease glad no one got hurt or kill like someone said about the company not letting you carry in a place like that is crazy.Be safe out there and don't chance it because it's not worth it.

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    Its not the Security company that does not allow us to carry, its the Property Management group, there was a recent shift in Property Management at the apartment complex. Weve tried and tried to get them to allow us to be Armed but seems like its going to take an act of God himself to get them to change their minds. I had to post it here, couldnt sleep really at all after the event, Ive had to draw before, but never came as close as I did last night to shooting. My boss isnt happy, however, the owner of the security company was notified [due to it being an unarmed site and me drawing my weapon and it POSSIBLY being in the Police Report] stated he would have done the exact same thing, he was a Policeman himself a few years back. Crappy night, but whats done is done.
    Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier....One died for your soul; the other for your freedom.

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    How exciting. I'm just glad everything turned out OK and you're alright. I'd think with their record of shootings there, they'd reconsider the unarmed policy. Surely they don't still think that disarming you will disarm the bad guys? Oh wait, you said 'a liberal company'. Never mind.
    Hopefully you won't get any backlash from it.
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    I think you handled yourself very well and sincerely hope that you are not punished by your employer of the account you were servicing.

  8. The cops would have shot him if he didn't put down the weapon, or he pointed it at them.

    Nobody got hurt, so a good ending. The girlfriend likely saved his life, by her action, as you stated.

    Reminds me of a Sheriff quote, when asked by the MSM, when does a concealed carry permit holder fire his weapon? The Sheriff replied, "you point a gun at him".
    I'm a firm believer in two term limits for all politicians; one in office, the other in prison.

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    They say you will react by how your train.
    When I practice, I only practice to see how fast I can draw and fire.
    I told myself years ago when I started to carry, If it clears leather, lead is on its way.
    I will not say a word if I ever have to draw. By then, talking is done.

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    Anyone who STAYS living in near Flint or Detroit is out of their minds, frankly. It's like living in Belfast or Beirut. Nothing about the places are worth the risk. the poster right above me is an idiot. You'd better have MANY hundreds of thousands of $ to waste if you "think" like this (or not mind losing everything and going to prison for 20+ years). Where you'll get killed for your stupidity, probably.

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    Be careful you don't want to be in a position like GZ. I was going to say something but I will leave it unsaid.
    My advice look for a better job and good luck.
    I agree, someone has to take out the trash....

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