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Thread: Employer ban in a shared building vs. PTC

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    If you want to carry at work, carry. It is up to you as long as you are willing to accept and pay the consequences for your actions of breaking the rules of your employment.
    Your employer based in Kalifornia is guided by it's more liberal surroundings as well as liability issues. You will find that they are able to get a better insurance rate for restricting this issue in their employment handbook than they would had they not. Business is about the bottom line and those who crunch the numbers will show that the odd/chance of being placed in a situation where a firearm is need to keep you safe is remote to almost never. On the general rule people go through their entire life without drawing their weapon let alone firing it in defense of their self or others. To them it is a business decision, nothing more.
    If you don't like the idea of being unarmed at work find another job that allows you to carry. Good Luck.
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    The part of the building that your employer leases is theirs to control as long as they pay the rent that the owner requires from them and your permit to carry in no way trumps their rules. It's the same if you were visiting somebody's home & they were anti gun and they told you they didn't want you to bring a gun into their home. It doesn't matter if they own or rent the house. It's theirs and they have they say as to what goes on in their home.

    I have the same situation. My employer is based right here in Texas and the company handbook specifically bans handguns on company property. However state law says that as a concealed handgun licensee I may keep my handgun in my locked personal vehicle on the company parking lot and the company cannot take any action against me for doing so. However I cannot carry my gun into the building or in a company car. Doing so is grounds for termination.

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    Like was stated, the company has the right to enforce whatever rules (within reason) they want as a condition of employment. If you ignore those rules, it's grounds for termination. There was a case recently of a man working at a Shell gas station who wasn't supposed to carry at work, but saved his life by drawing his gun. He got fired, and even after his manager and district supervisor went to bat for him at corporate, he remained fired. If you work in the sort of high stress or cash rich environment that might prompt someone to come in and shoot up the place, I think your personal right to be safe trumps company policy - with the condition that you are willing to accept the consequences for ignoring the rules. If you work in a relatively safe environment, I say the choice is yours, but I'd probably advise towards locking it in your car or something. But any time you strap a gun on, whether at work or out in public, you should be mindful of the potential consequences. If you're not prepared to face them, then maybe you should reconsider your decision to carry.
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