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    For years the concealed carry permit has been altered by the judge. they write outside the borders that the permit is for hunting and target shooting. Legal? who knows in this democratic controlled dictatorship. Now the talk is of Brandishing and Improper Exhibition of a Firearm. It is said that anyone with a concealed carry permit who inadvertently displays his or hers firearm can have their permit pulled if a complaint is registered. Any feedback is welcome. Also how about the showboating by the Giffords and our attorney general at the Saratoga firearms show. do we really need out-of-staters coming in here to "observe" how things are handled? Every day there is a new proposal to trample our constitutional rights. We are one of the highest taxed state with the lowest amount of say in government because NYC has 8 million votes and is led by the nose by a mayor who thinks he knows what is best for us and can do no wrong. But that is his money talking. Sorry for the rambling but I feel more like a prisoner than a citizen of NYS. Just waiting for the day I can move out of here.

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    do we really need out-of-staters coming in here to "observe" how things are handled?
    Well, Bloominidiot goes to other states and sticks his nose in where it's not needed - turnabout is fair play.

    Sorry, could not resist. Would that all the antis would just stay put in their own jurisdictions - that would slow the problem a bit.
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    I have never been that impressed with the Saratoga gun show, and now that is has been used as a showpiece of all that is wonderful for a gun grabber like the Gifford's crew, I will never be going to another show there.

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