Do you use a holster with retention for CCW?
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Thread: Do you use a holster with retention for CCW?

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    Do you use a holster with retention for CCW?

    I just wanted to get a feel for the pro's and con's of using a holster with retention for CCW and if there is a good low profile one that would fit a Sig P226 or P229?

    Do you use retention for CCW? Yes/No and why or why not?

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    I have a N82Tactical holster professional model which has the plastic cover that provides the retention. I have been carrying for less than a year so others will have more knowledge than myself but I feel it is all a personal decision. It all depends and what factors you find most important. I have kids and I wanted a secure weapon so I chose a holster with a retention system. I can run, kick/throw a ball or do just about anything else with my kids and not have to worry about the gun jostling around and possible coming out. I feel there would be a slim chance even if the holster didn't have some sort of retention system but I wanted to extra security it provides.

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    I use IWB & pocket holsters for CC. IWB holsters are designed to use the belt to aide with retention. Some are better at this than others at this. My CBST works great and I never have to think about my firearm. (esp since I AIWB)

    If I were to carry OWB, I would likely go with a leather pancake style holster with a retention thumb strap.

    Personally, I like level I retention holsters in CC situations. But, if I ever OC again, I would most likely move up to level II or III retention.

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    Do you use a holster with retention for CCW?

    I use straightdraw IWB holsters for CC. If nobody knows its there how are they going to try and take it? If it doesn't stay in place during normal daily actives, you need to find a better holster.

    With that said, I will only use at least a Lvl 2 for OC and a Lvl 3 for duty carry.

  6. No retention systems on my CCW holsters.

    I use holsters that are designed for the specific gun I'm carrying and are boned (I like leather) to that gun's contours. The gun's not coming out unless you pull it out.

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    I carry AIWB and do not have any *extra* retention mechanisms in my holsters. (I assume that is what you're asking ... every holster should have retention in the sense that it holds the gun firmly LOL) I might feel differently if I carried strong side OWB but I don't worry as much about gun grabs since my guns are well concealed and I don't let strangers get close enough to grab at me ;-)

    If I were looking for a retention holster I'd probably look at the Bladetech ThumbDrive or the Uncle Mike's Reflex assuming they make models for my gun.
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    I carry outside the waistband, and I don't use any retention except the "boning" I put in my homemade holsters. Now, having said that I will add that I'm too old to do much jumping around, so I don't worry about it coming out of the holster. If I were playing sports with my kids (great grandkids, that is) like Paul, I'd probably have to remove it. If I didn't conceal carry, I think I'd have some sort of retention.
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