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    I have a carry permit in PA. If I don't have my wallet with me for hunting, bike riding, running, fishing, etc I carry my license and the carry permit. Is my license required or just the carry permit! Thank you!

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    First of all, your question is a bit confusing. PA issues a LTCF (license to carry firearms) not a permit. Also, your question, "is my license required or just the permit", my question is, 'required for what?'

    It's a good idea to also keep your state issued driver's license on you. There are certain situations in which the LTCF will not serve as ID. One such example is any place that validates your driver's license by swiping the magnetic strip. LE does this when they go back to their squad car on a routine traffic stop. The LTCF does not have one to swipe. Also, there are certain banks what will not accept the LTCF and I'm not sure of their reasoning. In addition, Giant Eagle, when they card you, they swipe the magnetic strip, so your LTCF would not work there either.
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    There is no legal requirement in Pennsylvania for you to carry another form of ID, other than the LTCF, solely due to carrying the firearm.

    Section 6122 - Title 18 - CRIMES AND OFFENSES

    6122. Proof of license and exception. (a) General rule.--When carrying a firearm concealed on or
    about one's person or in a vehicle, an individual licensed to
    carry a firearm shall, upon lawful demand of a law enforcement
    officer, produce the license for inspection. Failure to produce
    such license either at the time of arrest or at the preliminary
    hearing shall create a rebuttable presumption of nonlicensure.
    (b) Exception.--An individual carrying a firearm on or about
    his person or in a vehicle and claiming an exception under
    section 6106(b) (relating to firearms not to be carried without
    a license) shall, upon lawful demand of a law enforcement
    officer, produce satisfactory evidence of qualification for
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    I don't think I'd be leaving any sort of personal ID somewhere unsecured. Anything not with me is in a safe. I'm rather cautious with that stuff. :)
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  6. Thank you all! Wolf fire I meant to say LTCF! Thanks again!

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    I can understand why the 2ndAmendmentDiehards are upset with Gov'tRegulation.
    Its because the stipulations have price tags and shys away from TheAbility to just simply "CARRY" but what do you say when EVERYONE (no matter what) is able to carry JUST BECAUSE you're an AmericanCitizen?

    Regulation is a controversial issue that has good points on BothSidesOfTheCoin AND IS necessary in certain aspects and n others its not.

    What do YOU say?

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    Wisconsin requires you to have your drivers license/state id card along with your concealed carry license. Its probably a good rule of thumb to have your photo ID with you when carrying concealed.

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    In Vermont, there is NO LICENSE at all. Open or concealed is in the state constitution. Amended to read there is to be no carry of a loaded 'long firearm' (rifle or shotgun) in a vehicle to eliminate 'deer jacking'. Handguns OK. I kinda like it that way. No carjackings that I've heard of, and 2nd lowest violent crime rate in the 50 (or is that 57) states.

  10. I always carry my drivers license just in case I get a police officier who has had a bad day! Just wanted to know what was required in PA and everyone here was very helpful!

    Additional confusion is where can you carry? Private clubs, bars, restraunts, etc. I carry everywhere because I read that in PA there are no " official " restrictions clubs, bars, etc.


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    It's a good idea to have proper ID on yourself in case of an accident where you get hurt. Insurance cards, driver's license, Concealed Pistol License (Michigan's carry license = CPL), list of med's that I take, wallet are always in my possession.

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