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Thread: Concealed Carry weapon of choice

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    I CC the Ruger LC9 in a IWB Crossbreed minituck on the right hip between 3 and 4 o clock. This weapon is chambered in 9mm and.380. I also carry this in my R front pants pocket depending on what I am wearing. I will mix up my CC weapon depending on attire and mood with the other Ruger weapons: the LCR .38, the LCP .380 and the LC 380. I OC the Ruger SR 9 or 40 in the same location in the Crossbreed Superslide or Serpa again depending on what I am wearing. Later this week (once it gets delivered from the out of state dealer) I will have the Ruger SR 1911. I have yet to decide on a holster for it. The key as so many others have said, It is what you are comfortable with and what works. You must practice with whatever you carry as well.

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    What would be an ideal weapon of choice to carry? I am currently carrying a S&W SD40VE. I really like the way it shoots and handles, but it is kind of heavy. I use an "old faithful holster" on the hip. It is very comfortable. I have only been carrying for 6 months and I don't even know it's back there.
    Glock 19, 21SF, 20SF all work for me.

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    I currently carry a Sig 1911 Ultra IWB. My alternative is a Ruger SR9C. Looking at a small 380 for pocket carry.
    Here is how I carry the Sig in a custom made OWB/IWB and matching bely.Concealed Carry weapon of choice-sig-1911-belt-holster.jpg

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    Choice - open or concealed

    Vaquero .44 Magnum
    Concealed Carry weapon of choice-vaquero.jpg
    Bianchi Lawman Holster
    Concealed Carry weapon of choice-vequero-lawman.jpg
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    Concealed Carry weapon of choice

    Definitely go with what you feel comfortable with and what you can shoot best. Personally, I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry .45 most of the time and Kimber Solo during the warm weather when I'm wearing less to conceal it. Both with crossbreed super tuck deluxe.

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