Concealed Carry weapon of choice
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Thread: Concealed Carry weapon of choice

  1. Concealed Carry weapon of choice

    What would be an ideal weapon of choice to carry? I am currently carrying a S&W SD40VE. I really like the way it shoots and handles, but it is kind of heavy. I use an "old faithful holster" on the hip. It is very comfortable. I have only been carrying for 6 months and I don't even know it's back there.

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    Glock 23 .40S&W at 3:00 OWB in a Glock holster.

    I've been carrying for over 30 years.

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    I carry a Glock 27 .40 S&W with an extra mag. I use a crossbreed supertuck deluxe IWB holster around my 4 to 5 o'clock position.

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    Welcome to the forums! :-)

    My EDC is a Glock 20 or Glock 29 AIWB in a JM Custom kydex holster.
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    I have the other Glock .40 caliber... the Glock 22 full-size. I carry either in a Kholster (IWB) or a Serpa Blackhawk at 2:30. (and all other times during the day. )

    There is no "perfect weapon of choice". Firearms are tools and do certain things well while not doing other things as well. Figure out what it is you want your firearm to be able to do, get the firearm that does that, is comfortable and that you will train with. Then, THAT is the perfect weapon for you.
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    HK USP 40c in a handmade holster made of horse hide with stingray trim made by Ugly Bald Guy holsters. It's a gun Goldylocks would love...... it's just right.

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  8. Sig P238 for regular daily wear all times of the year or Glock 19 for cooler weather when more layers allow better concealment. Will be getting a Sig P938 as soon as cash flow allows.

  9. Welcome! I carry a Glock 19 in a Alien Gears iwb holster and a XDs in a iwb crossbreed mini.

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    what you are carrying now is fine, if it isn't broken, don't fix it.

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    The "ideal" weapon to carry is one you like, are accurate with, and is reliable and comfortable. :)

    I have a 9mm M&P Shield and a .357mag Chiappa Rhino, and I alternate between the two depending on what I'm wearing.
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