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Thread: Prefered concealed carry position

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    I generally carry OWB at 2:30-3:00 with a Serpa Blackhawk. When on duty, I also have my gun OC at the same position (Safariland double retention holster). Therefore, since I am trained with muscle memory to go to that position, when I carry IWB I also have it at that position using a Kholster Infinity Tuckable.

    Glock 22.
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    I always carry either IWB or OWB at 3 oclock. Most of the time OWB in holsters of my own making.

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    I carry with an outside belt holster which I find most comfortable and easiest access. I've tried all other methods including ankle holster and for me this is the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cjtpilot View Post
    What is your prefered carry position? IS it IWB holster, shoulder holsters, appendix carry? also why do you have that preferance?
    12 to 1 o'clock AIWB, or at 4 to 5 o'clock with a hybrid IWB holster.

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    Glock 20 or 29, carried appendix in a JM Custom kydex holster...

    I've tried carrying behind the hip but it just doesn't work for me - I prefer appendix for the ability to carry a larger gun, better concealment, control over the gun/holster and what is for me a more natural drawstroke.

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    My first choice would be the 1940's gangster movie style. In a trenchcoat pocket with my hand on the gun all the time. Unfortunately, that would be a little conspicuous in southeast Texas, so my SA XDM-45 4.5" (13+1 rds of .45ACP; my reload is already in the gun!) is in an IWB at 3:30-4 o'clock. Kydex is my preferred holster material, as it is thinner and doesn't absorb perspiration.

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