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    I got interested about 18 months ago in guns and CCW. So my wife and I both got the state issued permit.
    By accident I found the USCCA website, gobbled all that I could read about it and joined and got insured.
    I live in a small town in Arkansas where crime and assaults did not exist. That has all changed unfortunatly.
    Thus getting my CCW permit. I hope it is never used, but, I am ready. Because of USCCA I have learned
    a tremendous amount about law, do's and don'ts and training. It is a huge responsibility to carry a firearm.
    I would encourage anyone too learn about firearms and get their CCW. The more people we can educate
    about firearms the safer our 2nd amendment will be.

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    Welcome to the club. I too am a member of USCCA. It is good to seek knowledge from several sources. Firearms safety and training and keeping current with the law are of utmost importance. Just as important is being an outstanding, responsible and respected person in your community. This the best defense against the anti-gun crowd of immature hate spreaders.

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