Conceal Carry in California possible?
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Thread: Conceal Carry in California possible?

  1. Conceal Carry in California possible?

    Good afternoon ladies and gentleman,
    I have a question about being able to get a conceal carry permit in California. I've heard nothing but horror stories about it so I'm really hoping to pick at people who have one or law enforcement. I'm on active duty and reside in riverside county which I've heard is better than most. What is involved with getting one, how long does it take and is it worth the chance of being denied for any reason? Thank you for all of your support and Semper Fi!

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    Up here in the conservative part of the state, it took 5 months. Getting the initial interview is the longest wait.

  4. Depends on which county you live in here in CA. It's as if the state is divided into Blue and Red counties. Here in NorCal I happen to live in a Red leaning county, in other words a Shall Issue county. I've had my CCW for three years now. After taking my required safety class, I set up an appt with the Sheriff's Dept. After my interview and paying the required fee I had my permit in hand within 3-4 weeks.
    Since it's the Sheriff Dept that mainly issues them, go to your local Sheriff Dept website. The websites for most of the counties up here actually have a link you can click on so you can get more detailed info and requirements. Each county is a little different.
    Unfortunately you may live in a county that issues very few or maybe non at all. I have an attorney friend who lives in Santa Clara county (near San Fransisco), who has no hope of ever getting his CCW unless he relocates to a different part of the state.
    Good luck, and I hope you get it. Maybe active duty will help your attempt.

  5. I'm in Nevada County, it's been six months since i applied and i have not received my CCW yet.

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