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    I second Armed Citizen Legal Defense Network.

    They have a Facebook page and a website too.

    So far they have been very responsive to any questions I've put to them.

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    Here's the short answer: YES! An average gun involved incident can easily run a minimum of $150k and much more (reference FL Zimmerman case).

    The already mentioned programs like TX Law Shield, Second Call and Armed Legal Defense Fund are excellent and very cheap options. Be forewarned that your homeowners ins likely will not cover you, but even if they do Any insurance cannot by law pay for a felony crime defense. The only way they will pay is if/when you are acquitted and most have to declare bankruptcy long before that happens.

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  4. Here's the info on the underwriting question about the Shield Self defense insurance from USCCA:
    The Self-Defense SHIELD consists of an insurance policy owned by USCCA, Inc. that designates the members as beneficiaries. No individual underwriting is required. The USCCA, Inc. owns and pays for the policy while YOU, as a PLUS member, automatically get the benefits. This liability insurance policy is underwritten by the Savers Property and Casualty Insurance Company a subsidiary of the Meadowbrook Insurance Group. Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc. and its insurance company subsidiaries have been rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company. In 2010, Meadowbrook Insurance Group, Inc. wrote $801,900,000 in policies.

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