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    Anyone have any experience or know anything about Bianchi's new 100T IWB holster? Thinking about getting one and don't see any reviews on them must be a new holster. Thanks in advance

  3. Wow nobody knows nothing about this holster must be really new. Ok how about recommendations for IWB for my XDS I want to carry it around the back pocket area. Thanks

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    Here are four customer reviews (at the time I linked it): Bianchi 100T Professional Tuckable Inside the Waistband Holster Right
    It's a small sample size, but they don't seem to be wild about it. I have three Bianchi holsters that I've had for years, and they always made a quality product. The thing about mass-produced holsters is finding one that fits your pistol, or dealing with a "universal fit." They are usually inexpensive and can be had immediately, which is good. For comparison, I ordered a custom IWB rig with a dual mag carrier (~$175) from TT Gunleather back in July, and they are working on it now. Many, if not most, of the custom shops that do good work are a couple months backlogged.

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