Which one should I carry?
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Thread: Which one should I carry?

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    Which one should I carry?

    Opinions please:

    I have a Ruger LCP that I currently use as CCW (pocket holster), I also have a Glock22 that I'm thinking about switching to as CCW (IWB). Yay or Nay???

    Body frame is minor love handles/muffin top with a pony keg belly but mostly love handles. I've tried appendix carry and that will always be a no go method. Carry position would be 4-5 o'clock.

  3. I think you answered your own question with your body frame description. I have the same issue that's why IWB didn't work for me but, now I am thinking about carrying IWB but in small of back area. The G22 may be to big for that. I am looking to carry my XDS back there. The G22 IMO is a OWB gun I don't think you'll find a IWB comfortable for our frames types. I have looked and have been unsuccessful. I have a crossbreed for my G19 but, not love handle friendly so it collects dust. If you can conceal the G22 then go with both. If not stay with the pocket carry or look into small of back area. Good lcuk

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    I carry a Walther PPQ in a hybrid IWB holster at hte 4 o'clock position, myself with no problem, but I have a slim build.

    Have you tried a GlockTech MIC holster with the G22?

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    I am built the same as You and I use an "Alien Gear" holster with a Taurus PT740 Slim at the 4 - 4:30 position. It works just right there. Able to sit comfortably in a chair and no pain in small of back, as it's
    Off to the side more.

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    I have the Ruger LPC, Sig P-238, and a Kimber Solo! I carry in a Remora clipless holster IBW style 3 to 4 position. Even though the Ruger LPC fits in my pocket, it goes there seldom, as I like to keep pockets clear for change, keys and ETC. The uniform of the day in Nevada for retired people is shorts and tee shirts, most of the time. The above weapons ride nicely in my waist band with shorts. The above list will get the job done,I prefer not to haul a canon around with me!

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