New to concealed carry! so many qusetions
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Thread: New to concealed carry! so many qusetions

  1. New to concealed carry! so many qusetions

    Hello all, I used this site to look at the permit reciprocity map so many times I figured I might as well register. Am enrolling in the CC class right now here in KS and am PCSing to Ft. Lewis in WA next year and need to figure how to get my permit in a state that accepts both KS and WA AND is the cheapest. That and I wonder if anyone has any advice on carrying full size 1911 which is my favorite pistol Ive ran into so far(Though I couldnt afford any of the fancy brand/own a sturdy Girsan) as far a types of holsters. A friend mentioned an undershirt with a built in holster under the arm. Anyone tried this or have any thoughts?

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    Looks like the only way to accomplish this is to get a Utah permit. Unfortunately, you only pick up two additional states, but you're still covered I WA. Just double check to make sure WA honors Utah Non-Resident permit before you spend the money on the class and permit application fees.

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    I carry a full size 1911 ( Ruger SR1911) IWB in an Alien Gear holster. This is the most comfortable IWB I've found, very high quality, made in USA, and you can't beat the price. Link to the site Alien Gear Holsters

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    New to concealed carry! so many qusetions

    Good day. Personally I think the 1911 might be a little to heavy for a shirt holster - uncomfortable- might look shoulder holsters if you want to carry under your arm. There are lots of these holsters out there. Good luck

  6. Quote Originally Posted by heizenburg View Post
    A friend mentioned an undershirt with a built in holster under the arm. Anyone tried this or have any thoughts?
    I have and use these

    Concealment Packin' Tee Holster T Shirt Black Concealed Carry Holster Shirt | eBay

    t-shirt holsters.

    I bought one and then three more I liked it so much. It has extra support over the shoulder and into the holster area to support your weapon without sagging. I am not affiliated with the maker or seller at all but I do like and use the product.

    You can get left or right hand draw holsters and pockets that will hold a couple of magazines.

    Hope that helps.


  7. Stay away for mimic type holsters like t shirt holsters. Get a IWB , or whatever you prefer with good trigger protection and protection. I can't imaging having to try and run out of a situation with a 1911 bouncing around.

    Go Seahawks!

  8. I use this 5.11 holster shirt also
    Holster Shirt | 5.11 Tactical Concealed Carry Undergear Shirts
    and it works well too. Probably a little more comfortable in cooler climates but I don't think it is as comfortable for summer use in Texas.
    It is also a bit more expensive, but overall does a little better job of keeping printing to a minimum.


  9. I bought both of these shirts to be very form fitting. They are almost like a compression t-shirt. I don't get any bounce or sway from them when moving around (or even jogging). In addition I can more easily draw from a sitting position (in my car) from the t-shirt holsters than I can from an IWB holster.

  10. After I contacted the WA attorney general's office a few months ago, I was told that they are working on recognizing Kansas CC permits, but of course they gave no timeline on when that might go through.

  11. Yeah, because Kansas recognize WA but WA don't recognize Kansas.

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