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    new to ccw wondering if being military do i have to get my cc licence in california where im stationed or virginia which is my home of record for the military?

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    I would suggest getting your ccl registered in your home state, in particular if it has reciprocity to Cali. My son is a Marine Sargent and was stationed with the 1/1 CEB (Afghanistan veteran), whose home state is Texas. He is now back home safe, thank God. He had all his possessions, including his car, registered in Texas, and ran into no problems with LEO in Cali, as long as he had his military ID with him. They were very understanding knowing that eventually, he would return to Texas. If you plan on staying in Cali, get your ccl in Cali. If you plan on returning to your home state, I'd suggest getting your ccl from there. If no reciprocity to Cali, however, and you want to carry while off base, I recommend getting your Cali ccl. Either way, you must comply with the Cali state laws regarding carrying a weapon, so you better learn them and adhere to them. You also will run into military regulations regarding whether you can have the weapon on base. In light of recent events on the east coast, my guess is you'll have to check it in to the armory each time you enter the base, and check it out when you leave the base. Just my opinion. Thank you for serving and sacrificing for your country and its citizenry. God bless you. Stay safe.

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    Id apply for where ever youre at most of the time, however, keep in mind California is hard to get a license in and does not recognize any other states CPL [to my knowledge]. I would however try both, thats what I did when I was in.
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    Your home of record does not matter; what matters is where you are. If you have a license from your home state and they are reciprocal with California, you're OK. However, if your home is not reciprocal with CA, you will need one from there. If you don't have a license from anywhere, you will need one from CA. In other words, where you're from doesn't matter; where you are does. Unless you think you can persuade a judge that the state laws about guns don't matter; just the Second Amendment. Then you don't need anything. Don't bet on that.

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    new to ccw wondering if being military do i have to get my cc licence in california where im stationed or virginia which is my home of record for the military?
    You need a CCW that has reciprocity in your residing location, or you need a local CCW. My suggestion is to apply for a CA CWP, or get VA and UT (UT allows non-resident, non-native applicants and has a large reciprocity pool.) and see if either of those covers CA, although I don't believe they do.
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    California does not recognize any other state's permit. If you want to carry in CA you are going to have to get a CA permit. Don't forget to register with the CA DOJ all your handguns that you bring with you.

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    What state do you have your drivers license in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3gunshooter View Post
    What state do you have your drivers license in.
    What difference does that make? He has orders to California. California does not recognize any other state's permit/license. If he wants to carry on California, he is going to have to get the California permit. Period.
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    What matters is what state are you a citizen of, in other words, what state do you pay or file taxes in? THAT would be the deciding factor in whether you would be able to get/use a non-resident or resident permit..... some states are VERY picky about this point when it comes to CCW permits.

  11. CA is a "May Issue" state, which means just that, you are subject to the whim of the County you reside in. In general, rural counties (population <200K) will issue by default to qualified applicants. Densely populated urban areas tend to have liberal political leadership and your chances for a permit diminish greatly unless you are wired into such leadership. So, where you reside, whether on base or off will likely influence your odds, but I would apply regardless. CA does not issue Non-Resident permits nor do they recognized any other state's permit, although strangely enough some other states recognize CA's permit (go figure). Other states do issue Non-Resident permits, such as Nevada, Utah, and Florida, will issue a permit if you prove you've met their training standards and pass the background check. If you have a NR permit you need to check to see if the state you're carrying in that has reciprocity with your issue state also recognizes NR permits, some don't. Best of luck, and thank you for your service to your nation.

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