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    Just received my Crossbreed holster And still being newbie I am having a problem drawing
    I have to push the grip in towards my back 1/4 of inch for the draw
    It is a 92sf and sits at the 5 o'clock position.
    Seems like the slide release is binding on the leather.
    Has Anyone had this problem and what was your fix?
    Thank You.

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    You just need to break it in. The more you wear it the more comfortable it is. Keep practicing and your hang up will take care of itself.

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    If you need to grease up the inside of the kydex, I'd think a can of silicone spray would do wonders (I love this stuff, and use it for everything from my bowling shoes to a quick dry lubricant for mechanicals)
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    If it is an all leather holster, your gun needs to "break it in" because leather softens after exposure to body heat and the "humidity" that it is exposed to next to the body. If the holster is kydex, I would contact the manufacturer for recommendations. Kydex doesn't break in like leather does.
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    If it is leather, you can take a plastic bag like you get from the store, and put your unloaded firearm in the bag, then insert the bagged gun into the leather holster. This will add a few mils of thickness to the gun and stretch the leather just enough to ease the fitment. Don't leave the gun bagged for more than a couple of hours at a time in the holster.
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  7. You can also adjust the cant by moving a clip up or down. At 5:00 carry, it's hard to come out of the holster at the appropriate angle. How about a 4:00 carry? See if drawing from that position is smoother.

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    another option if you are dealing with leather, and this comes from a number of years working leather
    if the outside finish is glossy, it is most likely stained and finished with a water resistant finish coat, so you wouod need to dampen it from the inside with either a sponge or running water through it
    make sure the leather is just DAMP through, not out and out wet
    oil and plastic wrap your UN-loaded pistol and insert fully into the position it rides during carry and then give it just a little bit more of a shove deeper
    when damp the leather will stretch a bit
    set in a warm dry location and let sit till leather is completely dry before removing the "form" i.e. your pistol
    this is called "casing" and the leather has been stretched to conform to your pistols unique shape and then hardened as it dried to stay in that shape
    it will soften up a bit during wear, but the shape will hold well for a long time
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