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Thread: best holster for bodyguard 380

  1. best holster for bodyguard 380

    I have a bodyguard 380 as well as an m&p shield 9mm that I would like to carry. I am looking for the best wallet holster for the 380, and any suggestions for the 9. Thanks!

  3. The ones I like are the uncle George , , and the recluse. All are different and work well. Uncle George is the thinnest , has a tiny flap that covers the grip ( good if you have some shallow pocket pants) and the recluse is the faster for me to draw from.

    I have a nemesis as well but I don't use it as often as the grip can print a bit if I have tight legged pants on.

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  4. The best holster is the one that fits you and your lifestyle. Are you male or female? How do you usually wear your clothes? Baggy? Fitted? Etc. Where do you intend to carry - IWB appendix or 4:00?, strong side hip, OWB, etc? I am a woman and carry a Sig P238 in the 1:00 appendix position in a Stoner Holster which works great with the rise of my Jones New York jeans or Lee jeans, but with the shorter rise of my Columbia pants it's not as comfortable or as concealable due to riding lower. I work at a gun store as well and I sell lots of Galco pocket holsters to men who want to pocket carry their 380s, and Galco stinger belt holsters for OWB. I spoke with a couple with identical 380s thrilled with their his'n'hers n82 holsters, and another that swears by his Crossbreed holster for his 380. A friend likes his Galco ankle holster. The reason everyone has a drawer full of holsters is because you'll need to try a couple before you find one that works for you personally. The ones I mentioned would be good ones to check out. As you'll find out cheap is cheap is cheap. In the end, you'll probably be happier with a more expensive quality holster rather than a thin fabric holster that offers no support. And, whatever holster you use, if it's on your belt plan to spend the money to buy a decent gun belt as that will make a world if difference in the comfort and ease of carrying, even for something as small as a 380. Gun/belt/holster is a whole system for carrying and if you go super cheap with one of them you probably won't be happy in the long run. JMHO.

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    My choice is the Remora clipless, I have two. One for a KImber Solo and the other for a Sig P-238. I have been using the Sig as a daily carry for over a year, never a problem and very comfortable. Use it for a Ruger LPC at times also.

  6. my edc if not glock 21 (trying to find 30s). owb israeli foebus paddle. it is small enough to do this rather than having discomfort of iwb

  7. Thanks for the input! The main issue I am finding with a lot of these holsters is accidental laser activation. Not sure what the answer is unless I buy a different gun.

  8. Right now have mine in the Galco pocket holster and it does not come on. No problem with my high noon either. The Kydex one I have I had some issues , but I used a bit of hair dryer heat to stretch it a bit and it's ok too.

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