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    I have a few handguns that I carry, including a 40.cal glock and a couple of 38 snubbies. But here lately I have been finding myself grabbing my polish p64 and cramming it in my front pocket or in a sob holster. I am proficient with it ,and I am even used to the extremely heavy trigger pull. I am really fond of the 9mm Makorov caliber also.
    Does anyone have any experience with this weapon ,or any thoughts on the performance of the caliber?

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    Please tell me that when you say you're "cramming it in my front pocket" you're using a pocket holster...

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    I own a couple P-64s but I don't carry them. It's the only gun I own that hurts my hand when it recoils. In the past, I carried my Makarov a lot which is also 9x18.

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    My P-64 is super accurate, and carries nicely IWB with a Remora.

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    I used to carry a FEG PA63. The round is effective, but mostly the only ammo you can find are dirty Russian rounds. They require scrubbing the firearm after shooting it. Also, the recoil sucks. I got rid of it, and thought of it more as a novelty that "I owned a gun that shot the Makarov round". I much prefer the newer semi's.
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  7. Yes sir. Always a pocket holster

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    And sob carry might leave you one sad sob one day if you fall on it. Broken spine, paralysis...they even happen to leo's falling on their sob handcuffs.

    Pocket - no
    Pocket holster - yes
    SOB - NO

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