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Thread: CC holster of choice for thin build (5'9", 160lbs)

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    5'9" 173 pounds on a good day. Carry G30SF OWB in a Crown Kydex (knock off of Raven Concealment). Also G26 in Raven OWB.

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    I'm 5' 11 and 155lbs. I carry a gG23 in a serpa on my hip. I buy one size larger shirts and heavier t's for summer and do not print. Winter presents no problems as I just wear a sweater or other over garment. I don't like any carry position where I sweep myself (or others) so I prefer the hip. It's also more comfortable in a car.

  4. 5'9", 160 lbs. I carry a Colt detective special in a leather Galco paddle holster in winter, and a leather pocket holster in my back pocket for summer weather. Fits and conceals great in both with my build.

  5. At 5'11" 165 lbs we are about the same build. I have tried every conceivable IWB holster: hybrids like Foxx, all kydex Bladetech, all leather Galco skyops, plus many, many more. I don't really like any. The hybrids are the least uncomfortable (notice I do not say "most comfortable"). But every single IWB holster relies on the same connection to our bodies: a belt. The belt is the problem. Or, more specifically, the clips the connect the holsters to the belt. I have tried metal, plastic, kydex. Over the belt loop clips, under the belt J-clips, behind the belt with velcro. None, I repeat none, of the clips are invisible.

    Even a modestly overweight person with a slight bulge has fantastic camouflage because the baggy shirt and body naturally overhang and hide those clips as well as the bulge of the weapon under their clothing.

    Here is the reality check for those of us who have absolutely zero "belly": we have no way to hide those clips! The constant retort is that slim folks need to wear baggy clothes. This is not always appropriate for everyone especially if you work in an environment requiring formal or semi-formal business attire.

    Belly bands are the only really concealable carry method I have found. I can wear a dress shirt tucked in with nothing exposed to the outside world. I find allowing the belly band to ride on my hips so the weapon is behind my belt helps with both stability and concealment. If I wear the band higher around my stomach above my belt line there is too much of an obvious bulging difference between my belt at the waist line and the bulge of the weapon under my shirt.

    Belly bands are a whole different animal to get used to. First, in summer heat you will sweat under it and you need to wash it often. So either buy two or plan accordingly to allow drying time.

    Drawing from the belly band is very difficult. You must learn to access the weapon under clothing especially if you tuck your shirt. Practice, practice, practice.

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    I recommend you find a C/C pistol you like and are comfortable with. The go to The Holster Store - Gun Holsters and look up all the models they make for that pistol. They are made in Florida of US materials. They ship quick and prices are great.

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