CC holster of choice for thin build (5'9", 160lbs)
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Thread: CC holster of choice for thin build (5'9", 160lbs)

  1. CC holster of choice for thin build (5'9", 160lbs)

    Just wandering what others have found to work for them with similar builds.

  3. Although I'm a little bigger than you are, I'm still kinda slim for my height (6'1 - 190). I choose a high quality leather inside the waistband holster with a small frame pistol for spring and summer - high quality leather strongside pancake holster for fall and winter. My recommendation would be to decide which pistol you want to carry then go to Cheaper Than Dirt - America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter or LA Police Gear 5.11 Tactical, Galco, Maxpedition, Bates, Danner, Streamlight, Surefire and Blackhawk. You can enter all the specs for your pistol and they will show you all of your holster options.

  4. I have a small waist (wear a 30 pants) and the easiest way for me to carry is appendix. If it's on my side the gun will print, even the XDs and shield size. The holster I like are from high noon. Good price, Quick shipping , a nice clip for the best and the lots of choices such as cant, tuckable and material.

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    I'm smaller than the posters, to this point, and I carry IWB between 4:00 and 5:00. Normally I am wearing a N82 (Nate Squared) tactical holster, which I find to be extremely comfortable.

  6. I really don't like IWB holsters but I use one if absolutely no other option. I carry a belt holster(OWB) and wear a cover. I figure if you're not prepared to make some consolations in your choice of dress, you're probably not ready to carry concealed. Take that FWIW.

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    I'm your height, but about 10lbs heavier. I carry either my g26 or my g23 in a King Tuck iwb holster. Very comfortable to me, after the first full day of wear. Inexpensive too.

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    I'm thin. I use a FoxX hybrid, and Little Foxx AIWB, as well as a Versacarry for a Walther PPQ and Beretta nano.

    The Versacarry is the most minimal, slimmest one I have for the Nano, and find myself using it p. much exclusively these days.
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    I'm the same size as you and I always carry a full size 1911 concealed and you cannot tell that I'm armed. I use a custom (designed by me) Stoner 415 IWB with double body shields (the usual one on the inside and another on the outside in case you reverse it to carry the butt forward), 2 clip holders (no, NOT magazine; clips are what holds the holster to your pants. so you can reverse it to carry the butt forward) and a spring hold-open. Cost me about $90 and I'm completely satisfied with it. I carry at my 2 O'Clock.
    Call and ask Jeff about it since he doesn't list it on his site.
    This will be the last CC holster I buy unless I happen to buy another style gun but I'm happy with and hooked on 1911s so I don't anticipate a change. This holster carries my full size and compact 1911s, both calibers.

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    I'm 5'11/170lbs & carry a G19 IWB in a Comp-Tac CTAC w/ V-clips (sometimes in an Infidel holster) and a Wilderness Instructor belt. I've not had any issues.
    That being said, when I was 18-mid 20's I carried a Ruger Security Six IWB. I weighed about 110, soaking wet. I had to have my belt so tight that it made the area around my hip bones on the front/side black. It was sometimes very uncomfortable, but I carried anyway. Perhaps that is why I have yet to find sometime too uncomfortable to carry.
    As I've told many folks, carrying a gun is to be comforting, not comfortable. :)
    Between the Ruger & G19, I have/do carried 1911's, SIG 226/228, G26 & will carry the G26 or any number of other backups.

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    I'm 5'11, about 170 and carry a Shield in a Crossbreed Minituck. I carry about 4 o'clock and it doesn't pattern at all.

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