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    Question Winter carry draw

    So I am curious, I am going on 9 months of carrying [almost] full time now and the weather is changing quick. I notice when wearing a heavy jacket it severely impedes my draw from my IWB holster. What holster changes (if any) do the rest of you CCW veterans make in the winter?

    I've thought about using my pocket holster in my jacket, but I find myself hanging my jacket on the back of a chair somewhere when I go inside and that can't just be left alone (difficult to explain why you're wearing a jacket in the bathroom). I've thought about just carrying in my front pocket again, but I dislike that I can't get to it when sitting. I guess I'm just going to have weigh some risks here!

    I appreciate the thoughts! Thanks!

  3. Well for me it's all depend, if I am wearing my owb holster and having a long jacket I will make sure that if I take it off that I will have my shirt untuck so they still want see it. I try to always wear my shirt untuck whether I'm wearing iwb or owb, as far as if you have to draw this is why you practice at home or somewhere were nobody are around unloaded or using some cap or blanks.

    Although their have been a time that I will tuck my shirt in but if I do that I want take my light or heavy jacket off, but you do what's good for you so either way you should practices drawing unloaded or have some caps. I don't wear hardly heavy coats or jacket I like to dress in layers so if I do wear a tuck shirt I will still be cover.

    I find myself sometimes before I take my firearm off I practice drawing without removing my gun, just practice lifting up my shirt putting my hand on the handler before I put my gun in the safe. I stand in the mirror also practice a few time when I put my gun on. So practice with whatever kind of clothing you are wearing, iwb or owb.

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    Some people carry with the same holster, gun and position every day. They dress around the gun and how they carry. I don't do that. Everyone will have to pay attention to what you wear to some degree to conceal. I carry different guns and use different holsters and positions depending on what I wear. I practice. Appendix carry position is easy and quick even while wearing a heavy coat. Play (or practice) around with different positions and clothing options. With a long coat, I leave it open. You may want to get a different holsters or a different gun. Find what works for you.

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    I have a shoulder holster with 2 magazine pouches made by Alessi made for my Sig 1911 Target. I've been told that this configuration is the least desirable way to carry, but for comfort it's about the best I can imagine. With 3 x 8 round magazines and 1 in the pipe, I feel I'm about as prepared as I need to be.
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    I just got back from climbing to the "Y", a huge block Y put up on the mountain by university students. I wore my bersa thunder in a kangaroo carry and forgot I had it on. Hike about killed me (haven't made that climb in 50 years) but the kangaroo was lights out comfy. When combined with a cablela's shirt where the top 4 buttons are really snaps it makes access remarkably quick and easy. Normally I carry OWB and wear long shirts untucked. After literally thousands of practice draws I can move the shirt out of the way with almost no slowdown on my draw. Either way will work if you practice. I'm not built for IWB so you are on your own there Just kidding, you will gets lots of great advice from innumerable IWB folks in here, I'm just not one of them.
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    I dress the same all year
    T shirt under a button up shirt usually left unbuttoned. OWB holster.
    The button up shirts are thicker canvas like a car hart shirt, flannel lined version for winter.

    For really hot summer days, the button up shirt, I like the short sleeve shirts with snaps from Blackhawk and 5.11. I call them stripper shirts.

    Or I will wear a sport coat or suit

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    Thanks for the comments everyone. I may give appendix carry a try. Usually I wear my IWB about 3:30-4 o'clock. I've always wondered if I could get used to it up front but haven't tried it for a day. It does seem like I have easier access to the front of my waist when wearing my jacket (must be the shape/size of the jacket).

    I agree about the different guns and holsters. I learned that fairly quick and the reason why I ended up buying a mouse gun just to have when nothing else was practical. I didn't like the idea of my dress being restricted because of my gun.

    I had to laugh when trailboss mentioned the stripper shirts. I actually have a few western shirts with metal buttons. I'm thinking of getting an OWB holster for my .45 because it's a bit uncomfortable with the IWB holster I have. So at least I have a couple things to try. Thanks again!

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    Winter carry draw

    I change holsters and position in the winter.

    Normally, I carry between 3 and 5 with an IWB holster. Call it 10 months out of the year. When it gets cold enough to wear a coat, and button or zip it up, I move to a pocket holster and put my Shield into the 'Napoleon' pocket that both my winter coats have. Definitely provides faster access than my normal carry. I just practice a bit when I make the switch.

    I have a fairly high tolerance for fold (though, that has been waning as I've gotten older) and will wear a sweatshirt with a windbreaker down to 30 degrees. I can easily get to my CG in an IWB when dressed that way.

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    Carry OWB and wear a large flannel shirt over it. If it's winter time, the apparel is appropriate and the firearm is on you at all times and you remain CC.
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    Carrying OWB with a cover shirt, being light weight for summer/spring and heavier for winter/fall pretty well covers you.
    I am retired and don't let anyone tell me how I have to dress for an occasion, anymore I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and carry open 99% of the time. I wear a shirt for special occasions and to keep warm if necessary. With the layers of insulation that I have cultivated that is pretty seldom.
    During extreme weather I will wear a Carhart barn coat that doesn't impede my access to my weapon and it will come off when I am driving for comfort. Finding what is comfortable will take time and experimentation on your part, be patient and keep trying different things that YOU like.
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