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  1. New to concealed carry

    I'm new to concealed carry and firearms in general.

    Already purchased a Rugar SR9c for IWB carry.
    Looking for the best pocket gun for pocket carry when IWB won't work or as a backup.

    My one requirement, a manual safety. That really narrows the choices a lot. The Rugar LCP would be perfect if it had a safety.
    I played with a Bodyguard 380, and it's ok, and an option. Also considering a Rugar LC9.

    Any other recommendations?

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    Welcome from Kansas. You should get plenty of answers to your questions.
    I have carried the LCP every day for 9 months and never worried about a manual safety. If you're worrying about it going off by itself, it's not going to. I've dropped it a few times, but never worried about it accidentally firing.
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    New to concealed carry

    I carry an lcp, occasionally, in a pocket holster. Because it has a very long trigger pull, and is hammer fired, I don't worry about unintentionally firing it. At all.

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    New to concealed carry

    You need to get comfortable with handling a handgun first. Then you need a pocket holster that covers the trigger. Don't carry anything in that pocket except the gun in its holster.
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