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Thread: Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?

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    The Springfield 9mm XD-S is a good way to go, combines the grip safety from the 1911 with the safety trigger from the glock. The Sig P938 is another nice way to go, it's a 9mm baby 1911.

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    The most popular concealed carry 9mm with this forum (see the stickies) is the Glock 19. It is also the most popular with shooting professionals for concealed carry. It weighs about the same as other brands subcompacts yet has a 15rd magazine, 3-finger grip (I hate those short grips on subcompacts!!!), full size rail, and a 4" barrel. Replace the plastic sights with some tritium night sights, and you are as close to the optimum carry gun as you can get right now. I still regret selling mine two years ago. Thank goodness it was a friend who bought it and appreciates what it is.

    I carried a 5" 1911 (Colt XSE) for a while, but the long draw stroke became a problem for me with a touch of arthritis in my right shoulder. I still carry a Springfield Armory XDM-45 4.5", though, so it is possible to carry a full size .45 if you want to. I like my accuracy with the Colt, but not the long draw and the weight for only 9 rounds. The XDM weighs about 5oz less with 14 rounds than the Colt with 9. A Glock 21 is lighter still.

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    Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?

    If I'm carrying a 9mm, its my Glock 26 in a Galco King Tuk holster. I have 100% confidence in the firearm, and the holster offers great conceal ability, quality, and comfort, at a great price.

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    Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?

    +1 for the Glock 19. It was my EDC until mag restrictions in the state put the kibosh on that.
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    I carry my S&W M&P Shield in 9mm and it carries well. Put over 750 rounds (Manufacture and personal relaod ammo) and never had an issue. I know its not a 1911 or a Glock (I still love my G23), but the Shield if find is a great single stack CCW. This of course is my opinion and I hope you find one you like.

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    We have two Glock 19's for home protection and we carry a Glock 26 with the mag extension (except when I use my Sneaky Pete holster which won't accept the extended mag).

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    Look at a Sig. P938 it's a nine small,compact, and has night sights I carry one in A Remora IWB. Or check out the Sig. P238 thats in .380 a little smaller.

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    OK with a question like that you got to expect at least a couple of hundred different answers,LOL. honestly the Glocks are a good choice, the 26 conceals better but the 19 which is just a bit bigger holds more ammo, also there are probably 8 or 10 different compact 9mms to look at, I guess it wound get down to what exactly you intend to do with the gun, if you just want it for conceal carry and do not intend to do much range work get whatever you want, but if your going to use it, range time, targets, etc,etc, then get something like the Glock or M&P, you did say you did a lot with 1911s different manufacturers make the 1911 in 9mm in different barrel lengths, the EMP was mentioned, nice gun excellent feel, shoots well, but they are high dollar, now with all the crappola being said and since I don't worry about conceal carry, I would go with a Glock 19, gen3, I don't care for the RTF finish of the gen4, but you might,
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  10. Get one that fits. I had a Glock 26, but it did not fit well. I now carry either a S&W M&P 9c or a Kahr PM9. M&P has the interchangeable grip inserts, which makes fit a non-issue. Standard mag is 12 rds +1. 3.5" barrel with night sights. It can be purchased with out external safeties, mag safety is optional.
    kahr PM9 is 6+1 and 7+1 mags, mine has night sights, 3 " barrel. I put a finger extension on the mag to get a full grip. The PM9 is my deep ccw, I can carry it in my pocket. Both guns function perfectly. I have had no issues with either one. The rig I use most is from FIST Holster. I can carry my M&P in my FIST IWB all day and it just goes away.

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    Before I bought my first pistol I asked for lots of suggestions and did lots of research online. My next step was to find a range that rented pistols. Some of those pistols that sounded great or that were recommended to me I didn't like at all. Sometimes it was the grip; sometimes it was the trigger and other times it was something else. Doesn't really matter what it was because those particular guns just didn't work right with me. I did find a pistol that fells great in my hand and I can shoot it better than a Glock although the Glock was a close second after trying out all the other pistols. I settled on a Sprningfield XDm 3.8 barrel because it felt the best and it shot the best for me. Another reason I liked it is that it came with two different magazines and I can use the smaller one to CC. I'm not recommending a XDM or a Glock to you; I'm recommending you go shoot several different 9mm pistols and then make your decision.

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