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Thread: Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?

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    Since my Rock Island 1911 won't feed hollow points reliably and I wanted to carry a 1911, I went with the Springfield EMP. It eats anything I load into the magazine, has tritium night sights and came with holster and 2-mag carrier, and has 3 mags with it.
    Were I to do it again, I would STILL go with the EMP ! Same feel, same trigger, same safety, same sight picture as my CCO or full size 1911. I can pick up any of mine and never have to think about/worry about changing ANYTHING.

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    Depending on how small and how concealable, with different options, you want to go, seems to me will determine which firearm YOU should hold and shoot. The Glocks are certainly excellent pistols, but not the ONLY pistol to be considered. The M&Ps, Rugers, S&Ws, etc. are also excellent pistols. When I was looking, I wanted a small, lightweight, highly concealable (with options), accurate, affordable, and as reliable/dependable as a revolver, pistol. I went to a larger outlet and handled, inspected, and critiqued all that had those attributes. Finally ended up with a Kahr CM9 for me, and am very happy with that decision and carry it 50% of the time, alternating with a Ruger KLCR .357mag. Like them both equally, and bet my life on them. Good luck in your search, Sir. Take care
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt1861 View Post
    I'm a life-long 1911 shooter. I'm getting my CCW and am looking to carry a 9mm. Are there any suggestions on the best pistol and perhaps rig? Thanks!
    This is like asking "wut car is best?" The truth is, you need to ask what gun is best for you. Every person is different. Do some research, go to a gun store and feel different guns, rent some, try them, see what you like.
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    Cool Best 9mm for concealed carry..................

    Like you I am a 1911 lover, as I have gotten older I wanted something smaller and lighter. I have gone with a Sig P938 SAS and find it a great weapon to carry when you are retired and in your 70's.

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    I like the 709 slim with shtf iwb holster. Just my 2 cents.

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    I carry a Bersa Thunder .45 whenever possible. I have had too many friends who have complained about failures and the inabilities of a 9mm to stop an attacker to wish to put my stock in one of those firearms.

  8. I started with a bersa 380, but it was bought in the mid 90's. I then got a feel of the LC9, what a great 9mm it is. I carry it all the time, mostly in right front pants pocket. It's light as a feather compared to the bersa.

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    These "best" questions are totally nuts. "Best" is the one that is reliable, fits you, fits your needs and fits your budget.
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    Hi everyone;) man there are so many good pistols& semi autos out there now! I have allways loved ruger for the price&great fire arms allways;) check them out they have many great ones! Take care hope this helps,great question! Mj326

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    There are many reliable 9mm firearms available. As many have stated: you need to decide what works for you. I first bought an M&P Full Size 9mm, great gun, no faults in 4 years of shooting, but it is just too bulky for my comfort for everyday, anywhere carry. So I bought an M&P 9mm Compact, great gun, no faults in 3 1/2 years, still a little bulky for me. So I bought a Kahr K9, steel, only holds 7 or 8 rounds (magazine size), no faults in 3 years, but I thought it was still a little large. I was going to buy a Kahr MK9 but opted to go with the MK40. I figured with the limited amount of rounds (now 5,6 or 7 magazine size) I wanted a little more power. This is my routine carry gun, along with two spare mags. I also put a Hogue handall Jr around the grip to provide recoil absorption and increase the tack of the grip in your hand. It is a very accurate gun and I find it quite comfortable to carry, even though for it's size it is relatively heavy. It is one of the smallest metal frame 9mm & 40 S&W caliber weapons out there. In heavier coat weather I will carry the M&P 9mm Compact. I've handled many sizes of Glocks (multiple times) and have not found one that fits my hand as comfortably as any of the weapons I mentioned. They have a larger grip, even the Gen 4 versions and I cannot reach the magazine eject button with my thumb, but on the weapons I bought, it is not a problem. So, find find what fits good in your hand, then find what fits your body and clothing style to be concealed well and then shoot them to see if you like them and if they are accurate for you. It's not something to rush into, they are not really cheap if you buy the top brands: S&W, Ruger, FN, Glock, Springfield, Colt, Kahr, CZ, Beretta.

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