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Thread: Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?

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    I carry a Bersa Thunder .45 whenever possible. I have had too many friends who have complained about failures and the inabilities of a 9mm to stop an attacker to wish to put my stock in one of those firearms. many of your friends have been attacked and had these failures and inabilities to stop the attackers? Sounds like you have a good number who have had these situations - did they make it out OK? Seems like they have since they were still, apparently, able to replay the attacks to you. With all of these failures and inabilities to stop the attackers, how did they eventually get out of these obviously precarious situations?

    Just wonderin...

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    Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?

    Ultimately settled on Springfield handguns. They pointed right for me, gripped well, and had all the features I was looking for (I didn't want a thumb safety, and like the grip/trigger combo). I have both the XD(M) or XD-S in 9mm and 45ACP versions. If you want compact size and capacity, the XD(M) compact with hold 13+1 9mm with a standard mag (although the pinky can feel a little left out). Voila! Pearce grip extension. And, you have a 19rd extended mag. They are a little more heavy than the G19, but after holding and shooting both, I just preferred how the Soringfields felt over the Glocks.

    The XD-S will take you down in size and disappear when you carry them, but the capacity definitely takes a hit... 7+1 standard mag (again, pinky extension), and 9rd extended mag. Shorter barrel, much slimmer grip, same safety features.

    As others have said... go out, hold, shoot, take down, and find what fits you best. The best carry gun is the one you'll carry and become intimately familiar with.
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    I would go with the Sig P-938 since you like the 1911 platform. I have a Sig P-238 Equinox (.380) same gun, smaller cartridge. This is my EDC in a Remora clipless holster. I purchased a Kimber Solo CDP LG that I have wanted since they were introduced a few years ago. It's a totaly unreliable gun. I and several other people get 10% FTE with this gun. I plan on selling it and getting the Sig 938 Equinox...............

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    Best 9mm for Concealed Carry?

    Keltec PF 9.

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    Something thin, light weight, and reliable. . . . . Sounds like a Shield.

  7. Very happy with my LC9.

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    A 9mm 1911 for concealed carry. Answer is...Colt New Agent. I've had one for about two years. The trench/gutter sight takes a bit of getting used to. But once that's done, you'll find the sight is extremely fast. With the exception of Hornady Critical Defense, this gun has eaten everything I've fed it.

    The only other malfunction was a failure to feed when I purposely tried to determine how many rounds the recoil spring assembly could handle before failing. Mine failed around 1,450 rounds. Since then, I've replaced the recoil assembly every 1,000 rounds. No failures other than what I've already mentioned.

    This gun is a soft shooter which enables quick follow-up shots. Also, I like that Colt's 8-round 9mm mags allow the same mental round counts as the 8-round .45 mags for my government model. Loaded with 8+1, I believe the New Agent weighs about 25 ounces.

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    I'm happy with my Glock 19

  10. Kahr CM/PM9!!!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by mikey1003 View Post
    I'm happy with my Glock 19

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